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07-27-2016, 08:56 PM
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So you have to buy it twice?
07-27-2016, 09:36 PM
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Does this have all the quests of the first one, or are those going to be separate?
Like, is this like Quest Gold, or does it have all the added content? Or is it an HD version of the original?

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07-27-2016, 10:04 PM
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Wonderful version. I bought and played a lot of the original, but this is really an improvement and well worth the re-purchase. Just plays , looks and feels better. Excellent.
07-27-2016, 10:25 PM
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So should I wait until a gold version of this comes out since I own it on the iPhone?
07-27-2016, 10:26 PM
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OMG... it's here.... I can finally play it again..

Will all the existing Expansions be updated for Ipad? or do you need to buy them all again?
07-27-2016, 10:32 PM
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I wish there were an iPhone version. The original is fun to play, but rough on the eyes, especially text.
07-27-2016, 11:10 PM
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I don't really mind paying again. I too want to know what contents this version contains.

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07-27-2016, 11:15 PM
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Haven't been this excited about a new release in a while, thanks redshift!
07-27-2016, 11:21 PM
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Wow! The day has FINALLY come! Congratulations on the iOS release! I'm really hoping that you eventually plan to also release an iPhone version as well. I still play the original, and there's just something magical about having this HUGE fantasy world snug in my pocket.

Stupid question, but it'd be really awesome if it was possible. Can I transfer my saved game from the old version to the new one? I'm guessing no, but I just had to ask.
07-27-2016, 11:21 PM
Perhaps just me, but game seems to hate my battery. Always liked the original, buts seems more playable, perhaps due to the ui enhancements. Never finished the main quest before, so this should be a treat.

For those unfamiliar or curious, plenty of story, significant npc dialogue interaction and more tomes than you'll want to read. And in the spirit of its old-school rpg roots, quest support is limited to a journal; don't expect much hand-holding, mini-map quest markers, etc; you'll have to read, It's not a twitchy action rpg, everything is turnbased, with combat and movement reminiscent of the mid-90s classic grid-based crawlers. Cheers