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How am i making a game with unity? [dev. 0.6]

01-30-2018, 12:35 PM
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How am i making a game with unity? [dev. 0.6]


Good Evening! How are you doing?
I was doing a devlog on my side and I thought, Oh my maybe some guys would be interested to follow the development on my new mobile game. I am making this game with Unity.

Here are the day news:

  1. Creation of Script_DontDestroy with variable DontDestroy (transform.gameObject);
  1. Creating the Scene_Manager script
  1. Scenes Creations (currently 3 scenes)
  1. Creating Script_Scene_Loading
  1. I fixed some problems with scripts that did not work because I transferred scripts to the Loading scene. At first they were all in the same scene (so it was easy ) so I had to fix all that
  1. Creation of the first BONUS: When we click a lot of times on the character that we report + sub.
  1. Adding $$$ directly to Cash TOTAL.
  1. A cool thing is that when you click a lot of times on the rabbit, the rabbit will then move super fast in all directions for a few seconds.

And a little video instagram
( You can follow my Instagram`s account, its free so why not =) )


02-02-2018, 02:25 AM
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How am i making a game with unity? [dev. 0.7]



I'am back with some new features:

Screenshot showing the New Evolution Discovery interface

And the link to Instagram to see what it gives in VIDEO
https://www.instagram.com/p/BeryUpVBvdG ... hecopagnie
OR Facebook

-I had a duplicate appearance of Prefab Boxing at each appearance of this prefab 2 Boxing Prefabs were created. Fixed!
-Creating a PLAY Function to Activate a Corutine for Boxing Prefects
-I had a Préfab boxing that appeared in my LOADING scene when it was supposed to appear in my GAME scene. So I had to activate my Scene_Game as Scene Active.
-Set up in Scene UI, panel New_Evolution_Discover
-In Illustrator I created a spiral star
-Creation of the New Evolution Counter script
-Creation of a LIST variable to list all the evolutions discovered
-Setting up a function to activate the UI NEW EVOLUTION panel
-Creating a MASK Component to prevent anything from happening and lousy
-Adjust the Canvas Scale to the height of my resolution

Screenshot showing the settings of the Canvas Scaler​


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03-16-2018, 02:03 PM
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I'm back, sorry for my absence, no no I'm not giving up a project I'm starting I was missing because I had to finalize a phone game that a game publisher chose to test it, so in a few days the tests of the game will begin and we will see what it will give! And then it allowed me to have a little back on this new game.

But I do not come back alone!
Here is an Instagram overview video of the update 0.8 ===>INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/p/BgYD26sBvE1<===
By the way if you want,I created a Discord channel to keep in touch: DISCORD => https://discord.gg/Y9Wgec9

Here is the list of the update:
Changing the colors of the typos
  • Add 2 animations, animation input and idle on the Carton
  • Adding a Scroll Bar to move the camera to Right
  • Creation of the Chicky Character List
  • Creating the Random Position Script of the character Chicky
  • Change of color when you go on the Rabbity map to the map Chicky on the bottom of the screen discoveries + total dollar text + scroll bar
  • Creating a Chicky Character Area Limit
  • I removed the bushes for the moment
  • I wonder if it would be nice to change the color of the soil according to the themes of characters?

Thanks guys, see you soon for more


Curious about others games I made?: http://www.hecopagnie.com/
03-17-2018, 07:23 AM

I really appreciate the hard work and genuine ability you have given for this game. i have gone through your Instagram and Facebook for detailed review. I am sure you can do more better than this.
Good Luck Congrats
03-19-2018, 09:59 AM
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This game reminds me a ton of the Evolution series of games by Tapps. Their Platypus evolution was a blast.

How long have you been making this for? When are you expecting to release it?

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04-09-2018, 05:42 AM
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Hi Guys,

Sorry I just saw you answers.
I believed I could get notification when someone is answering me, but I will check it to get it.

Thanks for your `` faith `` in me ahah. Its cool to know, you went to see my stuff. I would love to make bigger game and more games but I work in the same time. I am working in Paris right now, I animate some Minions =D but right now I am working on the new Grinch Feature.

About your answer DaveMApplegate, yes its a game like some others games, but that doesnt mean I cant do a similar game and trying to make a better one from them =D And the fact to make the same game, i learnt a lot =)
Did you make a similar game too?
And I am working on this project little by little, Usually I was working 1 hour per version of devlopment. So I was working on the Design, Coding, and everything.

Thanks for your answers guys <3

If You want I did a video to show the Development 1.0, its in French, but I think you can choose the translation option in the settings of the video =)

Link to the video by clicking on the picture

See you soon!

Curious about others games I made?: http://www.hecopagnie.com/