On Developers Submitting Games to TouchArcade

11-08-2014, 05:24 PM
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I'm a developer and my game is nearly ready for release. I would love to have it listed among the weekly games that you put out on Wednesdays, for games that release on Thursdays. How would I do that? It cannot be the same procedure as sending the app for review at the tips email, since the apps have yet to be released, so I'm curious about what I need to do.

Bob Sabiston
Great question, I am not sure of the answer though. For my Wednesday releases I just sent a note to the (submit a tip) email asking to have the game listed with the other releases, that usually worked for me.
12-02-2014, 12:57 AM

I noticed you said cheap/simple/smaller games don't catch your attention in terms of reviewing them. Is 99 cents or free too cheap?

I have a free game app with a paid version coming out soon. Both free app versions are available on both major smart phone stores.

I sent you guys an email today (I am the developer. My name is Frank) to the tips email. The email subject says our company name and developer name. Our company name is has the word "Magic" in it. If you'd like the full company name let me know to verify.

Let me if the game happens to interest you. I am going to be releasing a paid version soon too for $0.99.

I will most likely be running a small advert campaign for either the paid or free version soon. We will most likely have a niche in the paid section if its released.

Thank you,

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