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05-10-2013, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Vovin View Post
This could be an appropriate fix for Exact-Psience.
Thanks to you mentioning my name, i received a promo code for this and got to try the game.

The game does feel like a runner more than it is a platformer, but for an endless version of how that sounds, this is pretty decent.

It kinda reminds me of 1-bit Ninja, but that one is definitely more a platformer than it felt like a runner coz of how you an control to stop movement while only being able to move in one direction.

Controls. There's a jump button on the right, and a choice of tilt or joytick (which is technically a slider) to control your movement speed. Big jumps require high speed jumps, and tricky jumps, usually involving trying to nab those pickups will require a much more slower speed.

One thing that i didnt like much was the jump physics which is a tad floaty. But i do realize that this was somehow designed to make jumps a lot more manageable because of the speed control mechanics.

It's a fun little game, but having no control to move back a little means there can be some frustrating jumps missing powerups, but it's endless, so not much to worry there, unless that caused a game over

I love the higher res (retina) graphics on my 4S, but with 2x mode and no retina on the minipad makes it look a bit blurry. It aint universal, and i dont think there's an ipad version.

Also, what i like is how varied the platforms are despite this being an endless game. Reminds me of Agent Dash, where there are "stages" are different tile sets, with different segments of their own which give the game feel less repetitive. Dont quote me on that though, as i im pretty sure i havent gone that far to see all the variants and segments, but i did see like 4 tile sets in one run.

Also, it's basically a high score game, but there isnt a way to see the "scores" unless you go to the in-game Game Center icon that has the Leaderboards (3 lists) for Highest cash earned in one run, and highest number of houses delivered to in two separate leaderboards for each of the difficulty levels (there's normal and hard, but the hard mode still needs to be unlocked, by either playing the game, or through a more undesirable way). I think it's pretty odd that only gamecenter has the scores, and the GC icon is poorly placed inside the settings menu.

The pickups ingame can be upgraded (increased duration) using the money you earn from picking up pizza, cash, and tips from the houses you deliver to. This money is also used to "continue" on game over, and cool upgrades that improve tips you receive and reducing the continue costs. Im not really a fan of continues in endless games, but having to use only one type of currency in this game makes it better than most.

IAPs. Well, there is. There's a $1 doubler which makes it very desirable, but there are also consumable ones, hidden away unless you try to buy something you cant afford. There is also an option to buy Hard mode at a buck but it can be unlocked with ingame cash too. Cant say yet how grindy the unlocks can get, which may indicate the push for IAP.

Still not decided whether this game gets a recommendation, but it's still a decent pickup as the game has fairly unique mechanics compared to the iOS norms.

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05-10-2013, 07:52 AM
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I may be a bit biased, but I love this game. It's the right combo of difficulty and casual gameplay. It's the kind of game where you just are going to die a lot, but its still fun. I like the power-ups especially as they break things up and make it interesting.

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06-28-2013, 01:50 PM
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WORLD 1-1 v1.1

We just released an update in time for the weekend. WORLD 1-1 v1.1 is out now.

The biggest addition is that the game is now Universal and works great on the iPad (we all prefer the joystick control on the full size iPad, tilt on the iPhone, and a mix on the iPad mini.)

It also adds a new game mode and character skins you can pick to play.