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04-20-2014, 09:52 PM
Originally Posted by Intendro View Post
It better be forever. I just bought the game... If stuff in it gets taken from me, I will be very mad.

The sound of one of your energy meters filling to maximum is a really annoying squeak.
Can you change it to something else?
My first play was fun.
Except for the annoying sound.

My high score is not visible offline.
I do not like Game Center. It does not work offline. This game does not show my high score anywhere else. It is my high score. I should be able to see it without being connected to the internet. This is a problem.
Next version will fix the crashing on the old device(iPhone4S, iPad2, iPad mini). And plus in the local leader board.

We will submit the update this week.

04-20-2014, 09:55 PM

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Thank your so much.

04-20-2014, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by ScreamboxStudio View Post
Next version will fix the crashing on the old device(iPhone4S, iPad2, iPad mini). And plus in the local leader board.

We will submit the update this week.

Great. Thank you.

I beat the game (with one of the four characters). I like it.
04-28-2014, 11:53 AM
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The first story scene for each character only happens the first time you select them?

There should be a way to see them again.
05-25-2014, 05:16 AM
Before reading the second update, i instantly raised my hopes to see (and hear) the missing and very important sfx-sounds of my destructable weapon.
Aargh...nope. I'm still playing this gem (and best shmup this year, yeah, love it more than the beautiful upcoming Sky Force, i tested so i know) and for people with short money, there is a lite version to try out.
05-25-2014, 12:32 PM
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I played a little after the update and saw this, which wasn't mentioned in the update's description:
Now you can't buy continues and you get 9... except continuing puts you in "practice mode."
That actually makes it harder to win...

They said you do more damage, but still, outside of practice mode you have much less lives now. Ouch... Well, eventually I can unlock more item slots and get extra lives... That's something...

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08-04-2014, 11:35 PM
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I've been going back and trying this game every now and then. I keep wanting it like it more, but I always end up going back to the Cave games for my bullet hell fix. I love the look of this game, and the bullet patterns, but for me the difficulty ramps up too quickly. I'm sure for bullet hell experts this is great, but for me I'd really enjoy this game more if it had configurable difficulty levels like the Cave games do, or my new favorite, Danmaku Unlimited. I do fine on the first two or three levels, and then it quickly goes way last my skill level, so I end up just playing the first few levels repeatedly. A more minor complaint is how slow the loading times are, and how long it takes to start a new game after finishing a game.

This game is beautiful, and I actually prefer the look and setting of this game to any of the Cave games. I think it has the potential to be in the same league if it also had some of the features and polish of those games.