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12-17-2015, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by ddubois View Post
I just won a Thief on velociraptor, and got to fight the big boss for the first time. I hadn't read about this fight and his characteristics before I attacked. It was an incredibly disappointing experience, because you only have like 15 seconds a turn when fighting the Lords of Dreams, and that's including the time spent picking card(s) from your hand to give him. Thieves obviously need to play out all their +action cards first, then all their cycling cards, then play all their preps and sidesteps, then play their backstabs, and it's physically impossible to do that in the little time given. In fact, a couple of times I give away a couple gifts, played out an Alacrity or two, then hit "play all", and with all the cycling, the animation delays kept all the all cards from being played. First game design decision I've been disappointed and perplexed by.
You are not really expected to win only whittle him down to 750. He has random abilities, in theory you can read the level descriptions and figure what he will do to you and plan accordingly. The timed thing is one of the worst attacks depending on your deck.
Congrats on getting this far on velociraptor!
03-29-2016, 12:42 PM
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One Shot Grizzly

I've been playing the game in the following manner for a while now and if you're a veteran of the Velociraptor setting, you might find it fun:

1. Create a new profile. The default is Grizzly Bear difficulty - keep that difficulty.
2. Start a new game with a random character class.
3. Go as far as you can.
4. Count your achievements at the end - this is your score.
5. Delete that profile, create a new one, repeat.

A score of 7-9 usually means you made it to level two. Yesterday I managed to beat the level three boss with a thief that got pretty much every lucky break available. That was 16 achievements. So it's not impossible, but it is very, very challenging to win the game, and usually you end up on level two somewhere. Double-digit achievements should be praised with great praise.