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01-25-2016, 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
I don't know. One would have to test which story bits appear on the Transsiberian where for each entry and exit station combinations - and then re-do all that with the accelerated version of the train.

Two things stood out for me during my explorations, though:

1) Boarding in Ekaterinburg still provides the option to visit the library car to find Goland as that story bit always appeared between Ekaterinburg and Omsk. (If you travel at least to Karimskaya.)
2) Boarding in Omsk & encountering the red-headed mistress (spy, presumably) on the Kamer Taj beforehand results in you not being able to "get a glimpse of her" and her defected Ottoman engineer on the Transsiberian near the end of your journey. (Once again with Karimskaya being your destination.) It's not even 100% they are the same, but they are described as such.
(May possibly have replied to your post on the wiki)

This is just a thought I had: Isn't there a Pacific route (I want to say either the Yokohama-SF or Manila-Acapulco) where Passepartout can spot a person being killed? Has anyone every figured out the story behind that?
02-07-2016, 04:59 PM
Holy crap, just discovered a new route that I don't think anyone knows about. It's not on the FAQ, Wiki, or steam map.

In Zurich, you can skip nights. However, you'll still be locked out of using the Alberg Express, since you end up sleeping under the railway bridge and discover that the tracks have gone missing. But if you sleep there for three (or four?) nights, you skip the Tunis appointment and instead get to take a Bozek car directly to Venice.