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Independent Music & Audio Talent | The Higher Eclectic Ground Thread

02-24-2017, 10:34 AM
Alter Ego | Will Phillips

Alter Ego | Will Phillips

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This Will Phillips Music composition of 'Alter Ego' attempts to bring evil vibes and dark imagery to the OST of Dagger Kiss' upcoming second season.

Without revealing too much, the musician lays out the various nuances of its haunting melody; this of course, being his third audio piece for the web series. Learn more of the same and more of Phillips' portfolio of work, an orchestral musician looking to contribute to your games, here at his Higher Eclectic Space.

Feedback on the track or any other job/commission requests you have meanwhile, may be left within this thread or on Phillips' own Eclectic Sub-Forum.
02-28-2017, 12:45 PM
The Trial | Alfredo Sirica

The Trial | Alfredo Sirica

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The Trial, a classical tune of violins & violas by orchestral composer Alfredo Sirica, describes a court room atmosphere of humour and competitive tension.

It plays during the course of Running Wild Films' 2016 comedic murder-mystery film Porches and Private Eyes, to which Sirica has contributed to in the form of a 15-track original score. Listen to the entire soundtrack, more of Sirica's portfolio and learn of his freelance music services for games at his Space.

For feedback and job/commission requests meanwhile, please feel free to reach out via his sub-forum.

03-02-2017, 12:20 PM
H.O.M.M II Snowy Plains Remake | J.M.D

H.O.M.M II Snowy Plains Remake | J.M.D

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Since 2014, retro musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die has been working on an Amiga port of classic turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic II. With only a YouTube playlist for inspiration, his task has been that of remaking each of the original score's 20 tracks in .MOD format from scratch.

As he chronicles his progress on our Forums then, here's a look at the completed remake of the game's Snowy Plains theme. More on its creative process & his journey so far, here.
03-04-2017, 05:36 AM
Rainy Forest | Caleb Cuzner

Rainy Forest | Caleb Cuzner

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Rainy Forest, a Caleb Cuzner tune created for the forest level of upcoming platformer Ninja Cube, is now available for use in your games. Requests for the track may be left in the comments here or on the musician/sound designer's sub-forum on Higher Eclectic Ground.

Associated terms of usage, as always, can be found at his Space. Additionally after a short hiatus, Caleb's library is now back online on his website.

Besides taking on original music commissions, the artist also maintains a library of past creations that may be requested for use in your own games. Of course, this usage is governed by the terms listed at his aforementioned Space at all times; should you choose to make use of any of the work from his library, the ideal way to reach out would be by leaving word here or on his sub-forum.
03-08-2017, 12:51 PM
After The Rest | Sam Oz

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For several years, the tune of 'After The Rest' lingered on composer Sam Oz's mind as a concept he just couldn't make a satisfactory recording of.

When he did decide to commit himself to it seriously however, he'd end up playing with numerous samples, instruments and nearly breaking his computer to come up with the version heard here. He still thinks he can do better though, hoping to revisit the track for a game perhaps. What do you think? Feel free to let him know on his sub-forum.

Sam is also back from his holiday and has resumed accepting job/commission requests. The best way to reach out with your own would be via the same sub-forum (or by leaving a note here), while a portfolio of his work and other professional details may be viewed at his Space.

Also, in news that's completely unrelated yet worth conveying to all our followers/prior clients here at the Toucharcade forums, to celebrate the launch of pointfiveteam.eu, Higher Eclectic Ground affiliated developers Pointfive Team are giving away seven PC/Android copies of their 2016 indie puzzle, RAM BOE. Valid 1st-8th March, 2017, the rules are simple and accessible to all with only a few hours to go on the clock. You're invited, get in!

03-10-2017, 04:43 AM
Bread Puppies/Nomasaurus Rex Medley | Will Phillips

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Need your feet tapping this Friday? Here's a compilation of tunes from two of Bake450's hit mobile games, Bread Puppies and Nomasaurus Rex. Composed and compiled by Will Phillips Music, the Louisville, Kentucky based orchestral composer has contributed to both games in the form of original soundtracks.

Which tune's your favourite? Both games are also available for purchase on the App store, more on information on which can be found on Phillips' portfolio here. For feedback, discussions and/or job requests pertinent to the musician, feel free to visit his sub-forum.
03-13-2017, 12:52 PM
The Journey Begins | Alfredo Sirica

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Although created for the opening scene of The Young Socratics' scientific puzzle adventure Odyssey- The Next Generation Science Game, The Journey Begins was eventually replaced by a much subtler tune.Even so, its composer Alfredo Sirica cites the track's sense of adventure as one that holds a special place in his heart.

Does it leave as much of an impact on you? Discuss on the classical musician's sub-forum.
03-15-2017, 01:28 AM
No Chill | Van Reeves

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'A heavy & driven track, distorted with and punctured by synths. As always, with Cyberpunk sensibilities.' Our synthwave musician Van Reeves' latest audio piece has absolutely No Chill; and yet it's now available for free-use in your games. Learn of associated usage terms at his Space.

To request usage of the track, simply leave a note here on on Reeves' sub-forum. Remember that besides creating royalty-free music for games, Van Reeves is also looking to contribute to your projects in the form of original scores; feel free to reach out with any job requests!

Also, a massive shout-out to Andrew Statkevych for letting us use his super-rad combat aircraft animation.
03-16-2017, 04:28 AM
Bridge Strike In-Game Music 2 | J.M.D

Youtube link | Pop Up

An in-game tune for Project R3D​'s Amiga homebrew game, Bridge Strike, that pays homage to Atari's 1982 side-scroller River Raid. Composed by freelance retro musician/sound designer JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die​, the track draws inspiration from the likes of Top Gun​, as does the rest of his original score for the game.

Listen to more on his Higher Eclectic portfolio, while freely interacting with him for job/commission requests and feedback on his sub-forum.

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03-21-2017, 01:31 AM
The Woodmaster | Caleb Cuzner

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Music created for the Forest Level boss fight of Ninja Cube, an upcoming retro/modern platformer. Courtesy of its composer Caleb Cuzner and titled 'The Woodmaster', the track is now available for use in your games.

In the case of non-commercial games/projects, this usage is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution [CC-BY] license along with the following terms --
  • Do not upload Cuzner’s music to any music sharing websites without his permission.
  • Do not use his music in any production that contains adult content, excessive gore, or excessive language.

This doesn't mean that the track is not available for use in commercial game projects, however; payment for the track will have to be negotiated with the musician, with your budget and other requirements (exclusivity etc.) being taken into consideration at all times.

The best way to request The Woodmaster's usage then would be to leave word within this thread, or by creating a request on his sub-forum at Higher Eclectic Ground.