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07-12-2014, 07:29 AM
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I can't put this game down.

I must have spent over 10 hours on it already which for me, is record breaking for an IOS title.

I love the visuals, the audio, and the brutally soul destroying difficulty. The only IAP I've used still, is the crystal tripler. Now that my guy's persistent stats are higher, it's easy to get enough crystals to get the gold crafting options every time and I have a full inventory of stuff.

The game has a lot of subtle humour, like pop-culture references and I think the guys who made it must be my age, or around my age.

I wish this game wasn't IAP free to play though, because I think the PC version (from the looks of the let's plays I've watched) is the best one. I know it's priced at $15, but I would gladly drop $15 on IOS for a full version of this game, but seeing as I don't game much on my PC, that version doesn't interest me.

EIther way I recommend any roguelike fans check it out and stick with it at first, you won't be able to go far but once your upgrades kick in, it'll be night and day. I still get completely destroyed around level 10 in exploration mode, though! My record is 12 lol..

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09-26-2014, 03:23 AM
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Yeah, I've just started playing this and already sunk a few hours in- lovely presentation, style, gameplay is really enjoyable, the IAP isn't forced (like you I paid for the crystal tripler, but that was mainly as I wanted to pay something to the developers for the game)- it's a must play for fans of sci-fi or roguelikes.