• Publisher: Henry Gosuen
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 8.7 MB
  • Version: 1.20
  • Price: $2.99
  • Average User Rating: 4.5 (2)
App description: North Wind: Trill of Consciousness is a story of probation. Can you finish this 'Adventure Role Playing Puzzle' dying less than 5 times?

"I dont understand this, but Im proud of you" 10/10 -mom

In this game, developed entirely by a single person, you will have:
-8 maps to explore
-512 swipe combinations
-20 Achievements
-Transform into a werefox when near a vampire
-5 Bosses
-Climb ropes, swim, explore dark caves, get items
-1 inApp Purchase Health item (on pause menu)
-English, PortugueseBR and Japanese languages

"I loved your game"
"The idea of switching the 3 different regions of the screen around for puzzle-solving was very intriguing."
"The ability to swipe the top/middle/bottom section is solid and novel. Good work."
-IndieCade jurors

"gorgeous, creative and captivating game!"
-John Bardinelli (Jay is Games)

"North Wind: Trill of Consciousness is a unique experience. The most unusual thing about it is that world-swiping mechanic. () you may want to pick this intriguing game up."
-Chris Priestman (PocketGamer)

"The game uses on-screen buttons, but they are well done. Its a lovely and interesting game."
-Lena LeRay (indiegames.com)

"North Wind: Trill of Consciousness is definitely one of the most unique games ever released on the App Store"
-Francesco De Meo (TouchTapPlay)

"Its always nice to be surprised with a game like North Wind: Trill of Consciousness."
-Sean Cravener (mobile game place)

"Original and Challenging" - Denmark player

"Wow! Well, I am really impressed! I only had a chance to play a bit, but I thoroughly enjoyed what Ive played so far. I really love the swipe screen to change the level aspect, it really add ps a huge dimension to the game. The controls are very nice and I love the atmosphere and music. I really think you have done something very special here! Congratulations!" -USA player

"I love this game! It is very difficult but its very fulfilling when you get past a difficult point. " -a player
06-22-2014, 12:12 PM
updated to version 1.1

from their page:

Major update + Japanese Language Pack

What's new?

1- Player Speed Up

2. REMOVED in-App on Game Over
Now the options are FREE but not easy:
A) Come back with 1 heart, +1 death on deathscore
B) Come back with 2 hearts, +5 deaths on deathscore, enemies life fully recovered

3. New Saving Points after Puzzles

4. New Player Attack and Swimming Animation

5. New Common Enemies Life HUD
Red hearts=Enemies that attacks back
White hearts = Safe to touch

6. Minor Bugs fixes

7. Now you get description of any item just touching it

8. Japanese Language Added

9. New icon

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