App description: "It's not completely polished (as I understand it, the whole game is basically the product of one guy's hard work), but if you're interested in an old-school RPG experience, it won't let you down.", March 17th, 2011

- Description -

Lurk through the dungeon, raise your level, find treasure, forge your equipment, build your house, hire other players, collection your minions, defeat the boss...
Simple and nostalgic dungeon RPG for iPhone.

- Features -

- No in-app purchase! ;)
- Good old dungeon RPG
- Create your own unique character by customizing your strength, stamina, intelligence, and agility
- Hire other players asynchronously to form a party to enter the dungeon
- Collect monsters to fight with you
- Exciting opening cinematic
- Build your own house to store items
- Forge your weapons and armors to make it stronger
- Supports Game Center leaderboards and achievements
- Auto-save on each floor you go down, making it easy to play on the go
- Save on iCloud so you have data on the cloud just in case you lose data on your phone!
- Optimized user experience for one-handed use touch interface
- Awesome reviews on replay-value

- Story -

There's a small island called Eunaba, south of the Hornmare continent. On that small island, a princess was kidnapped by an unknown evil. You as a player must become a mercenary and head to the dungeon to save the princess...

- Gameplay & Opening Movie -

- Words from the author -
I made this all by myself except for music. I'm still battling on how to make it better. I update the app based on feedbacks and support. Please enjoy!
11-18-2013, 02:56 PM
Hidden Achievement #1

If you slay 10,000 monsters, you get the first achievement. Not sure about the second one. It also has to do with killing monsters, but not sure of the amount.


Beast Quest: 31/35 Quests Completed
AdVenture Capitalist: Trillionaire
04-18-2015, 10:17 AM
Ok I know the last reply in this thread was over two years ago. However, I'm hoping someone who has some experience with this game, will see this and reply.

I'm basically looking for tips (in addition to those already mentioned in this thread). But specifically on how you have distributed your stat points? You get 3 per level . I know some of the tips talked about adding enough of a given stat point to be able to use an improved piece of gear you find. And enough int for the spells you want to use etc. But what about beyond that? Should it be monstly all in str? Or a balance between str , stam and agi?

Thanks Zanatar.

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