App description: Fast paced GP racing game at its finest. Old school top view / top down racing

bringing this racing game into the palm of your hands!

Experience the Speed, Excitement and fun of GP Racing, made in

2013. With 13 Cars (including one hidden bonus car) across 10 international

grand prix circuits. dynamic weather, race in dry or wet raining races.

Championship: Race in Championship mode to take out the world championship

across 10 different tracks. Participate in the pre race events such as Practice

and Qualifying. win coins to get better contracts with better and faster teams!

Multiplayer: If you think you have what it takes to take on the worlds best and

see if you can top the leader boards. Download and upload races, send and

receive races from friends all in online challenges!

Single Race: take on a single grand prix including practice and qualifying

sessions and go for the win in a race.

GP Racing includes great features which bring this game to life including

dynamic tyre wear, pitstops, kers (turbo) to get ahead of your opponents on the

straights. Great HD visuals and roaring engine sounds make this game one of the


Limited time new release offer, receive 2,500 free coins to spend on contracts

in game.

13 Cars / Teams to choose from all with their own speed and handling
10 Tracks / Circuits to race on including
- Australia
- Spain
- Great Britain
- Monaco
- Germany
- Italy
- Singapore
- Japan
- Abu Dhabi
- Unites States
4 modes to play
Multiplayer - Race friends online, Upload and download races to see if you can

top the online leaderboards.
Championship - Take out the GP Racing championship, Race against 8 opponents to

score points each race. Get the best position in qualifying sessions to start

at the front in the race. be at the top of the championship points table at the

end of the season to become the GP Racing Champion!
Single Race - Run a single Grand Prix of your choice, start with practice and

qualifying sessions to score the best time for your position on the grid. then

race for the win.
Practice - practice your timing and learning the best racing line on any of the


GP Racing using a simple control system so you can pick it up straight away and

become a new star gp and start enjoying the game!

Some peoples comments
"This is my favourite racing game on mobile period!"
"I love it, it has loads of features, a great game for mobile"
"Great little game, love the old school style, a must for any racing game fans."
"Awesome Game! Keeps me coming back, Online mode is the best part. 5 stars!"

Special Features;
* Great HD visuals
* Dynamic Weather
* Dynamic tyre wear
If your car is not handling as good as you would like, head into the pits to

put a fresh set of tyres on.
* KERS (Turbo) Hit the KERS button to get extra speed on the straights to get ahead of your

* Great car sounds, hear the engines roar.
* Track Map - See where you are in comparision to your opponents
* Online Multiplayer
* Live timing
* Online Leaderboards
* Loads of customization! Customize Team Names, Button Configuration,

Difficulty, Weather + much more!

razmobi's comments:
Hi all,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I've released a brand new game called "GP Racing" for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android. It has only gone live as of 9 March 2013!

I'm a huge F1 fan myself so wanted to portray that as much as possible in this formula one game. I love F1 so i thought i would combine my passions for creating games with formula 1.

It is a very simple (top down racer) yet a highly in depth game. please see the features below the links.

Please download the game here and let me know what you think:
For IOS:
For Android:

Here is a promo video and some screenshots as well:
Promo Video:

Game features:
* Dynamic Tyre wear + pit stops: as your tires wear out, your car becomes harder to handle as it slides around or possibly even blow your tyre, be sure to take a pit stop.
* Multiplayer: Race friends online or take on the worlds best by challenging them from the leaderboads.
* Championship mode: take out the formula racing championship to become world champion!
* Select your car and team: 13 cars and teams to choose from.
* 10 International Grand Prix Tracks: including Australia, Spain, Monaco, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Unites States.
* Dry / Wet Races
* Practice and Qualifying Sessions: see where you start on the grid.
* Great realistic HD Graphics and sounds
* Other great features such as: Team Contracts, Live Timing, Team Radio, Track Maps, 3 camera angles, many configuration options + much much more.

Any comments tips are always welcome as I would like this game to be as good as it possibly can be being a huge F1 game fan - I'm always open to suggestions!

Any nice ratings reviews on the app stores are welcome and very much appreciated

04-18-2013, 06:08 AM
Nice surprise your update is !
Honestly, didn't think it was coming.
Your game has this charm as Retro Racing has it, just one more race.

Dynamic weather, different camera angles (great), different buttons
layout (super) and under the icon it's says now GP Racing and not
Formu...cing (or some like that) anymore.

I'm still hooked with this little gem, though we still don't have multi-
tasking (very bad) and a bit annoying loading time to fire up a race.

Since i only bought one game this week, i decided to throw three
bucks at you - catch it.

Edit: Detail, but can we have the green light after the countdown ?

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