App description: A knight gambles away his entire fortune and goes on an epic quest with his squire to amass treasure. Upon discovering and climbing a mysterious castle tower, the cowardly knight pushes the squire down the turret, plunging the squire to the bottom where he lands on a pile of treasure and mystic runes. The magic runes infuse the squire with the ability to control the wind, helping the squire escape the dragon which he has awoken...

Harness the power of Wind Rune Magic to fly through the treacherous Tower.
Raid the armory to upgrade swords, armor and magical weapons
Race from the chasing dragon to earn gold at each checkpoint
Fly through 5 unique stages and 100 challenging levels of Dragon Castle!
Crash through obstacles and barriers with magical speed boosts
Escape from dragon castle and re-craft your destiny!
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Originally Posted by Lazer Kat View Post
Not a Knightmare tower clone. Completely different gameplay. Youre in a bubble(?), and the controls are tap under the bubble to go up, tap left of the bubble to move it right, and tap right of the bubble to move it left.
this game is great so far. Seriously, I'm having a lot of fun. I've only been playing for 15 minutes, so its yet to be seen whether or not the freemium stuff will ruin this one.

Will update later on, but I think this ones worth a shot.
If i remember correctly... Osmos control system is similar?

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12-01-2013, 04:36 AM
Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
If i remember correctly... Osmos control system is similar?
Ah man.
I haven't played that game in like 2 or 3 years, so I don't remember it too well. What I do remember is loving it.
I know this, Windsquire feels nothing like Osmos.

I think I'm going to reinstall Osmos.

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