App description: The epic saga of post-apocalyptic robot combat continues!

EPOCH 2 featured in Best Indie Games in the App Store Best of 2013!

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EPOCH has trekked across a war-ravaged country to find the one person he was programmed to protect: the Princess, Amelia. Now he must follow a final, desperate lead to reach her, with the two warring robot armies of Omegatroniks and Alphetekk standing in his way. But what surprises await EPOCH when the Princess is finally located? And what will she make of the world she wakes up to?

Control your character with intuitive finger swipes designed specifically for touch-screens. Make split-second tactical decisions, take cover, select targets, dodge incoming fire, utilize special abilities, and launch countermeasures!

Follow the story of humanity's downfall, and their final hope for salvation as you discover the truth about the Princess and what she really means to the future of this world. And who is the new interloper that has decided that EPOCH must be stopped at any cost?

Explore whole new areas across a post-apocalyptic landscape; the crackling desert of the mysteriously drained harbors, the whistling desolation of abandoned spaceports and the clamorous factories that continue to manufacture their robotic wares.

Battle escalating waves of robots and bosses in arena-style combat, and upgrade yourself with pieces scavenged from the ruins! Configure your robot with dozens of weapons, armors, boosters and counters.

New weapons, items and features expand your arsenal and give you new strategies to employ. Equip your Weakening Grenades, risk a Fast Reload for bonus damage, or head-shot an enemy robot with your Sniper Rifle? New levels extend and expand EPOCH's ability to fight, move and dodge. New Play Modes provide tougher challenges for the elite EPOCH player.

Help the Princess find her bearings in a world that has left her behind. Gather fragments of the past with logs from a cast of characters, each with their own perspective on the apocalyptic events that destroyed a once-proud civilization.

Powered by the latest version of Unreal Engine 3 - as used by Infinity Blade 3 - EPOCH.2 pushes the limits of the enhanced visual capabilities of the latest iOS devices, delivering spectacular new enemies, completely revamped models and the most amazingly-realised human character on mobile!

EPOCH.2 is optimized for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPod Touch 5. NOT compatible with iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPhone 3GS or iPad 1.

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09-22-2014, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
^You have to start a new game in a new save slot to start hardcore mode.
WTF!! Thanks,there're 3 save(profile)so,my EPOCH lvl 68 still here?I don't lose my save,but make no sense,if you start a new game,you're EPOCH it's level 0,so,lot of time to play?
09-22-2014, 07:44 PM
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Can anyone give an overview of which weapons/armors are worth buying? I want to get some tonight but I don't want to buy all of them, especially if they're not worth it.
09-23-2014, 01:03 AM
Originally Posted by Brrobotix View Post
Can anyone give an overview of which weapons/armors are worth buying? I want to get some tonight but I don't want to buy all of them, especially if they're not worth it.
What you're most used and Favorite weapon?
But,you're answer:
1)WORM WEAPON tiers4 no iap 7 damage
Iap WORM WEAPON 11 damage
2)WORM ARMOR +40% credits
This 2 Are The best weapons/armor in The game,with a significant boost in damage you cand do,and you can take..but also other "IAP ARMORS" Are lot powerful than normal tiers4,One of them give you +40% XP..The other 4 IAP WEAPONS are more poweful that normal tiers4,but not that much,look at 1 page backmy post,and you have an idea of The SNIPER IAP WEAPON..
09-24-2014, 03:52 PM
EXACT PSIENCE: I start hardcore mode, and I know, That if I die once, it's game over, I play first 2 levels, the campaign, time trial, iron mode, but, not like in normal campaign, every time I replay first or second level in all the 3 stars, he ask me: are you sure you want play this level on campaign? or time trial?or iron mode? my options are cancel, or yes, I do this for level up quickly, it's not That I had to play each level in sequence? my only gamecenter achievement missing it's "complete all 3 stars in harcore mode" and it's calling "creator serial" I know, I do not wanna waste my time if I had to beat hardcore mode levelss in sequence, I'm wrong? I miss something? Thanks for all
10-18-2014, 08:30 AM
Finally Beat Harcore "Permanent Death"Mode! Now i got all,either in normal mode,and Harcore mode,and finally got the achievement for finish Harcore mode each levels 3 stars,but,
EXACT PSIENCE:i found Harcore mode,except the fact that if you die once it's game over,more easy than Epoch 1 hardcore mode,what you think? I never feel myself near to die..I level up my robot a lot first,but I remember the pain in Epoch 1 penultimate level on hardcore it's time to play The Evil Within 😄
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