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Is TA somewhat dead?

01-21-2018, 07:58 AM
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Is TA somewhat dead?

Where do you guys go for reviews and forums?
01-21-2018, 08:21 AM
Not really.

For more reviews, I’ve got PocketGamer and Gamezebo in my RSS feed. Keep in mind, unlike TA, both do “sponsored posts,” Buyer beware.

01-21-2018, 08:59 AM
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Seconding the "not really", and wondering what makes you think so.
Actually, I don't know of any iOS forums with a similar participation level.
Note though I don't pay much attention to the frontpage where they write all the articles, I usually just skim over those once or twice a month.
01-21-2018, 05:23 PM
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Nah, I am not updating to iOS 11 just because the official app doesn't support 11
01-22-2018, 05:12 PM
I use the home page - Ive found great games that way (most recently Antihero http://antihero-game.com/)

01-22-2018, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Protopop View Post
I use the home page - Ive found great games that way (most recently Antihero http://antihero-game.com/)

It's still not the same thing bud. I like the ios6 feeling and weird but useful gestures.

If it's possible to run this on jailbreak ios11, I'm updating it right now. Most of my apps are going 64 only lately...
01-23-2018, 12:38 AM
I was trying not to update my phone because the app would be gone for good. It is my only link to the site getting notifications and such. Eli said a site update and a web app will be happening in weeks... I believe that was in October... Site funds are tight... I'd hate for this place to die.
01-23-2018, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Aurizen View Post
I'd hate for this place to die.
No kidding - I think 99% of the games I have are due to TA! If it goes away, there goes my mobile gaming with it, lol.
01-23-2018, 10:47 AM
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I have generally migrated to the switch, but im still reading here each day. But yeah, activity in the forums is pretty slow nowadays. Their news articles are still best when it comes to mobile gaming.

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02-01-2018, 07:46 PM
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I'm new and it seems pretty lively to me!