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Discrete Tankers HD

07-04-2013, 07:49 AM
Discrete Tankers HD

The game will be launched soon.. Please do visit www.discretetankers.com or FB page www.facebook.com/discretetankers .. Thank you

This game has been developed based on the eight queens puzzle which was originally proposed in the 19th century. This game requires eight tankers to be placed strategically across the 8x8 board so that no two tankers are placed in the same row, column or diagonal path. Thus, a solution requires that no two tankers share the same row, column, or diagonal path.

Give it a try and we assure you, DT would certainly make you go crazy. Once played, you canít resist yourself from playing it again and again. Being a Discrete Tankers player would always provide you a discrete identity. In Discrete Tankers, it would be very hard to find old school puzzle game features as in conventional board puzzle games.Comprised of originality, fun factor and thrill, Discrete Tankers gets everyone involved in the unexpected.
The elegant, high definition graphics and mesmerizing sound effects has surely enhanced DT to be supreme among other games. Level up, learn new skills & abilities, relax, have fun and enjoy with Discrete Tankers.

The game consists of a battlefield with 64 cells. The player has to place a tanker in any of the cells. If the player places the next tank in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal position to the previous tanker, firing occurs. The previous tanker is fired away by the current tanker. The objective of the game is to place maximum number of tankers in the battlefield without being fired away.
07-04-2013, 07:49 AM
Could anybody provide information on promoting and marketing the app. What should I do in order to get good number of downloads? The game is free of cost.
I was in search of marketing and promotional ideas but unfortunately I could not gain much information.It is my fortune that I found out this forum. Kindly requesting to all of the members to please post your opinions and suggestions. It would be of great help.