App description: Game Of The Week!

Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing!

Try and keep your passengers happy and airline flying in this crashtacular game of airborne mayhem from the authors of the #1 games SlotZ Racer and Flick Fishing!

Crash land, plunder luggage for souvenirs and rescue cute kittens!
Fly through 32 levels over 4 different air-routes!
Unlock and fly 10 different aircraft and avoid been knocked out of the sky by the nefarious Evil Air!
Use lots of different upgrades to improve your aircraft and fly further!
Complete bonus VIP missions for extra rewards!
Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
iCloud save game sync
Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
MOGA ACE POWER Controller Support (as well as any other Made For iOS controllers).

Any Landing is Kiip Enabled (Apple is not a sponsor of any promotion).

Any Landing uses In App Purchases using Strange Flavours new Play Nice system.
With Play Nice, there is always a maximum amount you can spend on In App Purchases and any purchases count towards that cap, so you cannot accidentally spend more than the limit.
Purchasing these items in-game helps us afford to continue making fun games and Play Nice with our wonderful players!
Thank You from Aaron & Adam at Strange Flavour!

Thanks for all the feedback and for playing!

Zwilnik's comments:

Any Landing's our latest game, now starting to show on the NZ store and rolling out as it turns midnight wherever you are.
03-27-2014, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Zwilnik View Post
That's a bit of a bonus feature we discovered with our Play Nice system. Because we're tracking how much you've spent (so we can unlock all at the limit) it means we can automatically reward players who've bought stuff in each update.
That seems pretty clever as I don't recall seeing any other game keeping track of what you've purchased like this.
03-28-2014, 05:19 AM
It's Strange Flavour Ltd's 10th birthday next week on April 1st. (we've actually been writing games as Strange Flavour since 2001 but officially set up the company in 2004) so we've added a special, limited edition, livery to Any Landing that'll only be available for the next week.

Anyone who's already bought Wings in the game will be able to unlock it this week and to sweeten the deal for anyone who hasn't bought any Wings yet, it's going to be Double Wings Week
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04-01-2014, 04:17 AM
It's Strange Flavour's 10th birthday today, so just a reminder to grab your exclusive aircraft livery in Any Landing before the end of the week. It's also Double Wings week as well!

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