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Yesterday, 05:54 PM
Just brought this game a week ago because my love for dragon hills.

I REALLY don't want to update. Is the coin drop rate less now? That's the big question.

Also quite disappointed in rebel twin. I will think twice before buying another game of theirs. Why couldn't a second FREE version be released instead of taking our money for one thing and changing it later? Serious question.
Yesterday, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by rebel twins View Post
Don't worry, the game remains the same. There is no dual currency, timers and higher prices.
The only things that was changed are: In App Purchases and ads (but you won't see ads if you didn't uninstall the game from your device).
Unfortunately, iPads won't hold 100's or thousands of apps, so certain Paid apps get deleted so the player can put more focus on the game or play it in order of other games purchased.
Too bad apple doesn't allow people to download/install previous versions if they've paid for them or allow devs to gift iap's to their loyal previous purchasers.
Yesterday, 06:30 PM
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I reinstalled the game on another device and haven't noticed any difference at all besides the added content. Same coin drop rate, no ads, ect. I played for about 15 mins.