App description: Imagine a snow covered 3D platforming island surrounded by freezing waters. Now imagine this frozen tundra crawling with venomous spiders, UN-breakable dinosaurs, and sabre-toothed bats!

Mugen and his pirate monkey mates have landed on this ice age island in search of a long lost Dead Mans chest! Who knows what's inside?

Move Mugen with the virtual joystick on the left.
Jump with the Big button on the right!

Get some speed and jump to make the bigger jumps.

Can you find the secret key hidden in here and unlock the Dead Man's Chest? A special bonus level on a SNOWBOARD awaits those that can! That's right, a monkey on a snowboard killing baddies with a viking sword! Does it get any more real than that!?

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Pirate Monkey Mugen is getting a new home in a frozen world. He is once more on a quest to find lost treasure and fight the evil winged baddies in an epic 3D platform game.

Monkey Land 3D is one of the few games that stands on iTunes store as it has a unique concept and a refreshing story. Our hero Mugen the pirate monkey is seeking lost treasures among beaches jungles, caverns, and a giant pumpkin.

Funny story went with our monkey waking up next to a cute girl Suki who tells him about the banana crisis. They are everywhere and the reason of this event is a mystery to the monkey world. Theres even more bad news as the Great Pumpkin Seed has been stolen and to make things worse, your pirate mates just want to continue looking for the lost treasure. For Mugen this was a nightmare.

monkey land 3d sub zero gameplayIn a Sub-Zero sequel, Mugen continues to hunt for ancient treasures, but this time in a frozen world full of enemies that are trying to stop him from reaching his goal. Oh and he got a snowboard to help him ride frozen lands.

Swing Mugens blade at those enemies, jump on monsters for a funny squish effect, and fight your way for glory.

The game is a classic platformer with easy controls. Simply tilt your screen like a steering wheel to turn and be sure to collect goodies on a way. For example, grab your helmet on the lower deck for protection, or jump on the re-spawning death-crawlers for bonus points. They are evil after all, no guilt comes from squishing them.

Built using the latest in Apple gaming technology, Mugen will keep you entertained for a long time. The game is available on iTunes, but does have all the good features of a true platformer such as power-ups, friends and foe, and action.

Explore an open 3D world made with the latest Unreal technology that brings real time environments with seamless graphics to life.monkey land 3d sub zero story Control the came and your character while navigating through the map in an attempt to snowboard through a frozen land.

Players loved Monkey Land 3D so Matt, the developer, decided to give us an early Christmas present by releasing the sequel. If you liked platform games like Donkey Kong, then you will enjoy this cute monkey pirate.

Monkey Land 3D Sub-Zero is available NOW!!
12-21-2013, 12:53 AM
Awesome, developer listens to our feedback. I <3 pirate monkey.

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12-22-2013, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by ronit View Post
Awesome, developer listens to our feedback. I <3 pirate monkey.
Not only listened, i made that stuff happen! Thanks for playing I hope everyone has fun with this freebie!!

12-24-2013, 01:28 PM
Just a reminder to all gamers this is Free! Made with Unreal and super fast framerate! All I need to know is if you played this game did you like it? I'm already working on my next game so all the feedback will be used thanks everyone!!

Merry Xmas!!

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