App description: "The characters are engaging, the gameplay is tough but never cheap, and defeating each level yields some of the greatest satisfaction a gamer can get." -Wii U Only (9/10)

"With a small scope and limited budget, Dahku has turned this simple concept into a meaty, insanely challenging experience." -Nintendo Life (7/10)

"Chubbins is a tight platformer that does a great job of capturing the coveted old-school feel." -Nintendo Feed (8/10)

"It's Mario for masochists." -Touch Arcade (3.5/5)

"[...] addictive as well. I would highly recommend it." -Shine App (4.5/5)

Get ready for an adventure that delivers all the fun and intensity of classic platforming alongside all the smoothness and accessibility of modern gaming!

Guide our plump bunny hero, Chubbins, safely through 40 memorable levels across 5 increasingly challenging worlds! The controls are super simple--just move left and right. Stay on your toes though! Chubbins never stops bouncing, keeping every situation dynamic and making for interesting gameplay scenarios.

After conquering each world's unique boss battle, go back to perfect your route and reflexes and set new records in both Soft and Hard Modes, and master each level individually in Time Attack!

Sanuku's comments:

06-14-2013, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by jaggi View Post
Loving this. One thing though: my time for world 1 is no longer visible in the leaderboards. I played through it at least 5 times. Maybe it's because I closed the app about halfway through the first world, after a failed attempt to beat my own time.
Hm, sorry to hear that. If your time was actually on the leaderboard and now it's not I can't imagine what would have made it disappear as we don't have any way to remove Game Center times from the code. We tested closing the app mid-world on our device a few times but we couldn't replicate the effect.
It does seem that Game Center sometimes removes entries from leaderboards (if it came from a jailbroken device, for example), so maybe it's something to do with your device?

Anyway, thanks for letting us know and glad to hear you're enjoying it.

Dahku Creations
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06-14-2013, 02:38 PM
I played through the first world again, just to see what would happen. When I started, my old best time was 06:54:866, which was not displayed in the GC leaderboards.

When I first finished, I saw this:

This new time (not my best) is now visible in GC. Played through the level again, did even worse, saw this:

The time from my first effort (today) is showing in GC.

I'm playing on a 4S, not jailbroken.

Hope this helps.
06-14-2013, 03:48 PM
Game Impressions

Sorry that the Gameplay Trailer is only seven Minutes long but i didn`t hat the patience to find out how to get past the Pinguine after I was already like ten Minutes stucked at the Level where you have to change the Color before...
06-17-2013, 11:24 AM
Nothing to apologize for, Sanuku! We appreciate you taking the time to make a video, and it was great of you to start this thread in the first place! The trick to that badger is to wait until your bounce is off sync and then quickly slip past beneath him.

Incidentally, we got reports of lost progress upon minimizing so we've added an auto-save feature to the game that will not only fix that but also let play progress persist after a total device reboot. Version 1.1 is off to Apple and waiting for review.

Has anyone managed to beat the later worlds yet? Game Center doesn't indicate that anyone has, but not everyone uses Game Center so just thought I'd ask. I hope people are still enjoying Chubbins.
08-07-2013, 07:10 PM
Hey everyone!

We've had a lot of feedback on Chubbins that would indicate that the game is simply too difficult. In the hopes of remedying that we've just launched a new update that features a "Casual Mode", which includes fairly frequent checkpoints in every level (while maintaining the level design exactly as it is in the existing Classic Mode) and lower boss health. Not only should this lessen the frustration factor considerably, but we hope it makes the game more casually accessible with progress saves at every checkpoint, allowing levels to be conquered in bite-sized chunks at your convenience.

If anyone here enjoyed Chubbins in theory but found it too frustrating in practice, we hope you'll give the new update a look and find it more to your liking.

Dahku Creations
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