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Solve challenging puzzles in ancient Iraq. A critically acclaimed remake of the original Commodore Amiga game that was developed in Iraq in the 90s.

Over 2 MILLION mobile downloads!

4.5/5 - TouchArcade
4.5/5 - GamePro
5/5 - AppSmile
8/10 - PocketGamer (Silver Award)

"Fantastic head-scratching puzzles" - GamePro

"Top marks level design, superb challenges", EuroGamer

"A proud member of Mensa" - 148Apps

"Reminds us what was so good about 16-bit gaming" - PocketGamer

"A gorgeous, charming platformer with one of the most interesting backstories" - C-Net

"An Instant Classic" - THEAPPERA

Also featured on AOL News, Kotaku,, Arstechnica, The Independent, The Vancouver Sun and others.

Babylonian Twins is a classic retro puzzle platform game that takes you to 576 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. With a beautifully reconstructed historic environments, original Middle Eastern music and innovative two-character control, you will enjoy days and weeks of exploration and mind-twisting puzzles.

Your take control of the twin princes of Babylon in their quest to restore peace in the city.

- Guide two characters to solve puzzles in unique co-operative tag-team control

- Over a Dozen Huge Levels across Five Worlds including:
- Tower of Babel
- The Assyrian Place
- The Procession Street
- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon)

- Super Crisp HD Graphics

- An Album Worth of Original Authentic Iraqi Music

- A Detailed Reconstruction of Ancient Mesopotamia derived from Authentic History texts

- Super Smooth Scrolling at 60fps

- Secret Treasures and Bonus Levels

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ImNoSuperMan's comments:

12-30-2010, 03:24 PM
Great game, just left a review. Love the artwork and the gameplay is superb. You switch between the twins to complete different actions, and it really feels like an old-time platformer game that has been transformed and enhanced for the iPad. It looks great and plays nicely. Touch controls so far seem spot on, and I like that you can save it along the way. Definitely pick it up if you enjoy solid, fun, challenging and engaging platformer games. And it looks like it's still on sale...
01-11-2011, 09:14 PM
Stuck on Tower of Babylon - Dragons level

Love the game! Well designed and very addictive.

I'm stuck on the Dragons level, can't get to the last golden palm (i see it; it's the one at the top level, right side, Nasir needs to pass a gate and then drilll down - but how do i open the gate??

Im also looking for the square thingy to pass a guard. I'm assuming it's in the vase halfway through the level. I can get one character on the middle platform (the one almost above the fire) but not both presumably required to jump high enough.... HELP! Thx!
01-11-2014, 05:07 PM
iOS Controller support

The latest update includes iOS controller support and it plays really nice. Check it out.

Developer of Babylonian Twins for iPhone and iPad

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