12-29-2014, 11:12 AM
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It did suck that it happened especially since Id already purchased the golden axe which they are to free for people that had already purchased the game.

It's a shame this didn't perform better as it was a good game, loved the music. More games should use metal....it's the whole reason I liked slayer pinball, well slayer + pinball
I spent around $16 on IAP and I don't regret it. The developers did a great job on this game. But getting the golden axe as a token when I already bought it, sucks.
01-28-2015, 02:13 PM
Hi Guys, We're happy to announce our latest title: JumpJet Rex, which is currently in Early Access on Steam:

Sorry if this is not exactly the right place to post this, as it's a PC title, not iOS, but we thought some of you might be interested anyways.

Be warned, it's an entirely different game than Bardbarian, it's not TD, and it has a 16-bit art style, but we promise, it's just as addicting, if not more!

We plan on staying in Early Access for 10-12 weeks, which should give us plenty of time to implementing lots of cool ideas and community feedback. It will likely come to iOS after we finish the PC and Console versions.

If you liked Bardbarian, and would like to support TreeFortress, we can really use your help getting this new title off the ground.

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