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Stupid things in gaming, or on the app store...

05-22-2014, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Empfmil View Post
About the whole collecting games thing vs the time you spend playing them... I have really been an addict of just buying new games and letting them sit on my device or in my notes whenever I feel like downloading them. But I would say I have got my act together lately, and I only ever have 10 games on my iPad and iPhone at any time and decide to play them until i finish them (or get bored which is usually the case). And I only buy new games if they are about 3 bucks or under, or if its a good sale. I make notes about the games I come across that I really want to play, but promise myself I won't buy them unless it's a ridiculous sale or after I have finished/gotten bored of some of the ones I already have.
Ha ha i must admit this is me ! I confess i am an app horder ! Got a 64 gig device, i love 'app hopping' , one minute i'm playing an RPG, then Doom, then a new platformer, then a puzzler. Love the variety at my fingertips ! I 'should' just keep 10 games on it and finish them (instead of hopping !) but i admit i love app hopping !

Think some of it comes from being a kid and having lots of games on tape, now years and years later i've got so many favourites from the 80s/90s/00s all on my phone !! Plus tons of MAME games via Gridlee etc.

I should really not buy any games for a while as i have 500+ ready to play already but i like making sure devs get a sale from me as i like to think that 'helps' keep them around doing more great games.

But in all my years i've never known a platform like this, in the old days games might come out once a month or so, now theres loads of good ones most weeks, weeks !!

At my fingertips i have tons of arcade MAME games, gameboy games, Spectrum games, 40+ pinball games on Pinball arcade, old atari classics and then classics from the 90's like Sonic etc, Doom/Wolfenstein/Duke Nukem. All on this one phone ! Amazing !