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App description: Get back to nature in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the Animal Crossing mobile game where you take on the role of campsite manager and spend time with your favorite animal friends!

You're in charge, so you can decorate your own campsite however you like! Make it fun, make it cute, make it sportyits up to you to craft the kind of furniture and amenities that will make your camp a must-see for animals visiting the area.

Building Your Dream Campsite

Help Animals As You Explore!
While visiting different recreation spots, you'll meet new animals who could use a little help. They'll be looking for fish, fruit, bugs, and other things to get their camping adventures startedand when you help them out, you'll earn Bells and craft materials in return!

Craft Furniture, Clothing, and Amenities
The craft materials you earn by fulfilling animals requests can be used to craft all sorts of furniture and amenities for your campsite.

Just open up the Craft menu and place an order with Cyrus, the hardworking handyman from Re-Tail on the Road. Then sit back and wait! Or if you're in a hurry, you can move your order to the very front of the line by using Leaf Tickets. You can purchase Leaf Tickets with real money or earn them through regular gameplay.

Your Campsite, Your Way
The joy of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is in creating a space that suits you and your style.

Your campsite can be anything you likefrom a traditional space that celebrates nature to a flashy fun house with concerts and rides. It's all up to you!

You can also customize your camper, visit your friends' campsites to get ideas for your own, and meet new animal friends as you explore recreation spots!

Host Animals at Your Campsite
As you grow your friendships with different animals, they'll want to visit your campsite. Craft and decorate with their favorite items, and youll be able to host them whenever you likeeven if you change up your decorations completely!

Strengthen Friendships with the Animals
Invite your favorite animal friends to visit your campsite! You can strengthen your friendships with them by fulfilling their special requests or by picking out new outfits for them. Sometimes, they'll even give you gifts.

Note: This game is a free download with in-app purchases.

Note: A persistent Internet connection is required to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
Cellular data charges may apply.

Eli's comments:
FRIEND CODES GO HERE: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=313186

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Genres: Games Simulation Family

Welcome to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!
Step out of your busy life and into a relaxed camping atmosphere full of animal friends and the splendour of nature.

Upon your arrival at your destination, you're named the manager of the campsite!
Don't worry, though, it's a simple job.
All you need to do is choose whatever furniture, tent or amenities you like, arrange them in your campsite and invite animals to visit to liven the place up!

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, every day offers something new!
Have fun customising your camper van, visiting friends' campsites or exploring the area for new animals to meet.

Steps to Creating Your Best Campsite

- Complete Requests for Animals
As you visit different recreational spots, you'll find animals that could use a bit of help! They'll be looking for fish, fruit or other things to get their camping adventure started. Maybe you could give them a hand?
You can find all sorts of items as you explore in your camper van, so feel free to do a bit of fishing or collect a fruit or two along the way. And who knows, you might find exactly what your new animal friend is looking for! And fair is fair - hand it over and they'll give you crafting materials in return.

- Craft Furniture and Amenities
The materials you get from fulfilling requests for animals can be used to craft all sorts of furniture and amenities.
All you have to do is open up the Catalog and place a craft order with Cyrus. It might take a bit of time, but your item will be ready for delivery before you know it. Easy peasy!

- Have Animals Round to Visit
As you chat, fulfil requests and increase your friendships with the animals, one of your new friends might make a special request for you to craft their favourite furniture. If you manage to craft what they ask for, they'll be eager to come and visit your campsite.

Your Campsite. Your Way.
The joy of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is creating a space that suits you and your style.
Your choice of furniture and amenities lends your campsite its look. Will you go for a traditional campsite complete with tent and barbecue set? Or perhaps something flashier where you can hold concerts? Or maybe you're a thrill-seeker and fancy something with a merry-go-round? Whatever you choose, you can leave your unique stamp on your campsite!

Note: This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

Note: An internet connection is required to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Cellular data charges may apply.

Supported Devices:
  • iPhone5s-iPhone5s
  • iPadAir-iPadAir
  • iPadAirCellular-iPadAirCellular
  • iPadMiniRetina-iPadMiniRetina
  • iPadMiniRetinaCellular-iPadMiniRetinaCellular
  • iPhone6-iPhone6
  • iPhone6Plus-iPhone6Plus
  • iPadAir2-iPadAir2
  • iPadAir2Cellular-iPadAir2Cellular
  • iPadMini3-iPadMini3
  • iPadMini3Cellular-iPadMini3Cellular
  • iPodTouchSixthGen-iPodTouchSixthGen
  • iPhone6s-iPhone6s
  • iPhone6sPlus-iPhone6sPlus
  • iPadMini4-iPadMini4
  • iPadMini4Cellular-iPadMini4Cellular
  • iPadPro-iPadPro
  • iPadProCellular-iPadProCellular
  • iPadPro97-iPadPro97
  • iPadPro97Cellular-iPadPro97Cellular
  • iPhoneSE-iPhoneSE
  • iPhone7-iPhone7
  • iPhone7Plus-iPhone7Plus
  • iPad611-iPad611
  • iPad612-iPad612
  • iPad71-iPad71
  • iPad72-iPad72
  • iPad73-iPad73
  • iPad74-iPad74
  • iPhone8-iPhone8
  • iPhone8Plus-iPhone8Plus
  • iPhoneX-iPhoneX

Minimum iOS Version: iOS 8.0

Download Size: 100MB

10-25-2017, 11:50 AM
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My daughter has all the DS games for Animal Crossing and shes super excited about this one
Wish I had an Australian account I have NZ, Canada, USA and Japan thats plenty so Im not adding any more haha

10-25-2017, 11:56 AM
Joined: May 2012
Posts: 3,418
I never play these kind of games, but this one I will try, just to have a little Nintendo in my life ha ha.
10-25-2017, 01:34 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
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Ugh, forgot my Aussie account login. I have Canada, Phillipines, New Zealand, Singapore, even Sweden, and that's the one I forget lol.
10-25-2017, 03:17 PM
@Eli nice review of the soft launch, F2P elements, etc., but don't forget this is a soft launch and in-game currency could change. I remember Real Racing 3 made loads of changes to IAP and many other things before exiting the soft launch. I hope Animal Crossing stays more or less the same as now, but I wouldn't hold my breath these days.

Really looking forward to playing the global version in late November though
10-25-2017, 03:41 PM
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Yes I know I've been doing this kind of thing for a while.
10-25-2017, 03:44 PM
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Does anyone know how much the currency is going for? I cannot check this as I have no payment method in my AU account (just shows Japanese messages when I try to buy leaves).

I'm finding the 100 items to be the most limiting (and freemium) factor so far. Going for the 3 red snapper daily has filled my bag quickly. 20 leaves for 5 more slots doesn't sound too friendly (but not sure without pricing of course).

Add me if you like I'm throwing a lot of fish up for sale!

Friend Code: 02651514929
10-25-2017, 03:54 PM
Joined: Feb 1983
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It seems like you easily get around 200ish Leaf Tickets just doing the tutorial. Maybe those are better spent on upgrading your inventory?
10-25-2017, 05:24 PM
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Mods, think we could get a separate thread for friend codes? If not, this thread will become nothing but that lol

Aside from sharing friend codes, how's everyone liking it? I finally got it downloaded but haven't had a chance to mess with it yet. I'm pumped though!

If you'd like me to beta test your app, PM me for TestFlight info.
10-25-2017, 08:00 PM
Joined: Dec 2013
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What do the special items do; KK's chair & Nooks chair?

Really digging it so far !