App description: An amazing game of skill and luck! Mostly luck. Watch in amazement as your dropped chips bounce around scoring points. Spend your points on unbelievable upgrades or just watch those numbers grow higher and higher!!!

Now featuring Wormy and Ms. Wormy! Two cute little worms who squirm around the play field just waiting for you to kill them!

This version is ad supported and has no annoying in-app purchases. The ad-free version of BASICAL can be purchased for only $0.99 and is available here:

-Non-Zero numbers
-Little pegs or squares, whatever
-A few different colors
-Some sound effects
-Use bombs to advance rounds
-Holiday themed rounds for December and February

Watch the trailer:

MrMalm's comments:


My game BASICAL has been out for awhile now on iPhone for $0.99

Honestly, its received one or two good reviews, but hasn't really taken the world by storm, so I've just released this ad-supported free version in an effort to get more people playing and hopefully generate discussion on this forum, good or bad, about that game.

The philosophy behind the game's design is about casual interaction and randomness - I would have just posted this on my other thread, but its dead and I couldn't edit the thread title.

Would you kindly, check out this free game.
03-21-2014, 05:01 AM
Well, I basically tried to speed run this game for the last two weeks and found several out of bound strats that weren't very useful, but I think the record of 2:54:66 is basically so optimized that maybe we can shave like 3 or 4 seconds theoretically on a TAS, otherwise it's impossible.
03-30-2014, 01:21 AM
BASICAL was recently featured on the show Golden Girls the episode when Sophia got an iPad
04-01-2014, 07:39 AM
Actually don't approve of the fact that so many people are using this game as a joke on April Fools! I spent a lot of time on this and it's not funny
04-13-2014, 04:40 AM
Well, It took me long enough but I finally figured out that the iOS market is way too over saturated for indie games produced by one lonely, friendzoned, developer to make a mark (or profit) so I have decide to refocus my game development on a newer platform.

I've started developing casual games for Oculus Rift now and I'm officially announcing my new game: Mr. Cave. It's an endless runner. Well, endless walker really because you can't run around the cave and unlike so many other endless runners there are no pick ups.

You can use the Oculus Rift to look around the cave in full HD 360 (720p in the beta) and totally immerse yourself in the game world.

You can extend the experience by purchasing gems in the store or just explore the free to play cave.

Here is a video of the Beta which is 80% finished:

Please let me know your thoughts and sorry that I'm abandoning the iOS market, this will only be available on the Oculus Rift.


edit: Please be careful not to walk into your TV or a lamp while walking through the caves using the Oculus Rift. This is still in beta and should be fixed in the final release.

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