• Publisher: KLab Inc.
  • Genre: Music
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 43.8 MB
  • Version: 2.0.5
  • Price: Free
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App description: "Love Live! School Idol Project" makes its AppStore debut!
With their massive success in Japan, now the school idols
go worldwide with this rhythm action game!
Create and manage a group of school idols,
and lead them to success!

------Original Rhythm Action------
Live shows are carried out by
tapping the screen to the music!
Play through loads of 's (Muse) songs,
with new songs added in regular updates!

------Create your Own Group------
In addition to the original nine members of 's,
there are many more potential idols to form your
very own group.

------Scout and Improve Club Members------
Collect new members and make them better with practice!
The better they get, the greater their performance scores will be!

------Localized Game Contents------
Game text is localized into English for more fans to enjoy.
But don't worry, the voices are in Japanese of the origial 's members!

------Original Main Story Arc with Full Voice------
The main story arc features full voice by all of the 's members!

------Side Stories for each Member------
Maximize a member's Bond, and unlock her side story!
Of course, the side stories of 's members are fully voiced!

Dracil's comments:

Commercial featuring character voice actresses playing the game

Youtube link | Pop Up

New commercial showing some gameplay

Youtube link | Pop Up
05-14-2014, 05:54 PM
Game Impressions

This is for the recently released English version of a Japanese rhythm game. I'm actually a long-time player (~9 months) of the JP version of this game on Android, which I think can tell you how addicted I am to this. But if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

But basically this is a F2P rhythm game. Unlike most other rhythm games ALL the songs are free and unlocked by simply playing the game or over time as they add new songs from events. The F2P part only comes into play if you want to try to get really rare cards or if you want to replenish your energy to play more (which only matters for ranking up during the event). But you also don't really need to pay them a single cent if you don't want to. Just casually playing the game every day and during the events will still net you SR cards and Loveca Stones to do rare card draws.

The cards themselves have stats, and this affects your score/health during the songs, so when you first start out you're not going to get an S ranking even if you get a perfect combo. Conversely, when you've played a while, it will be possible to miss half the combo and still get an S ranking on the hardest difficulty.

Events come about twice a month on the JP version, and during the event you compete against other players to get a good ranking based on event points. While initially they only had one type of event, there's actually two types of events in the JP version. In one event, playing regular songs gets you tokens that you spent on the event song, which nets you the event points. In the second event, you just choose your difficulty and then you are randomly matched with 3 other players, and your relative score to them affects the amount of event points you get. Reaching certain point milestones nets you rewards, including SR cards. At the end of the event, your rank also determines the rewards you get, with the highest tiers giving you bonus SR cards from the event.

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