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mosquitos and brew bug?

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I encountered a few bugs...

1. In Act II, Golden Orbs quest did not give rewards. I collected the 5 orbs requested and talked to the quest NPC (Nevele). He just said "Thanks!" and nothing else happened. The quest remains uncompleted (says 'Talk to Nevele'), I still have the balls in my possession and I can't talk to Nevele anymore.

2. In Act II, final main quest (A Message from the Past), quest progression is stuck at 'Talk to Niguma'. I've already entered the desert and talked to him again at the portal.

3. In Act III, story progression is stuck at Portal. Says 'Need to activate Portal' but I already have. Since then I've talked to the guard at the gate, killed all the mosquitoes in the Oasis region and bought the pints of Pricky Fire, but the NPC refuses to let me continue (this part of the quest isn't listed in my log).
I have all these issues as well. Stuck at the door to the city with Niguma not helping me there, and the guard saying I have to kill mosquitos and bring brew.

I've repeatedly killed mosquitos around the oasis and brought the guard a bunch of the prickly potion. (Used it like a potion, dropped it at his feet, what does he want?)

This game is fun but the quests are vague enough that it feels a little like I'm wandering around looting until I randomly stumble on solutions. I can't figure out where to wander on this one.

Anybody solved it? I'd love to hear how.
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I see this game is currently on sale. I oonly just found it, Is it worth getting on my iPad with iOS 8 or is it having problems still?

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i was thinking to install it again (i never played more than an hour or so) but it seems still bug ridden (judging by app store reviews) and no support for MFI controller doesn't raise my interest.Seems pretty dead.
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i was thinking to install it again (i never played more than an hour or so) but it seems still bug ridden (judging by app store reviews) and no support for MFI controller doesn't raise my interest.Seems pretty dead.
Yeah according to the update history last update was about a year ago
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If you choose to get it, just keep in mind that the English translation is
poor. The girl also says things that are annoying because of this.

As a hack and slash, it plays okay. I'm not sure if the bugs were fixed.

Buyer Beware!

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02-06-2015, 07:58 PM
This game is probably one of the worst diablo clones I've ever played.
- Absolutely atrocious HUD. It's so bad that they had to hide or photoshop it out in the screenshots. You can barely see the game area when playing this on the iphone because the there are HUD buttons EVERYWHERE. They're not even place on the screen in an organized fashion, just circles, circles everywhere. Menu-wise it's equally bad, the vital buttons (close window, next page etc) are either tiny or borderline invisible, descriptions lack key info (why the hell is a skill greyed out? I have enough skill points?) and there's no info about tons of items, just blank popups (like trophies, medals and some mats)
- Oh yeah HUD buttons are so huge yet text is so guy it's almost illegible as icing on the cake
- The voice "acting" is so bad it's borderline comical. When you're low on health you actually hear the player day "oh I am dying" in a monotone almost lecture-like tone, lol? Also when you pick up money s/he'll say "yessss more money I will be rich" or something along that line in an almost laughing tone. The grunt noises made by some skeleton enemies and hireling (can't tell which) resembles a chimpanzee
- The story, if there is even one, is one of those that you seriously don't give a crap about and you won't miss anything by simply skipping all dialogue in the game
- Next to no customization. Half of all armors all look the same, there's very little active skills (maybe only like 5? The rest are all crap like "add 10 to your hp"), and there's pretty much no challenge in the game whatsoever
- You lose ALL exp on current level if you die. I was like 95% to leveling then now it's back at 0%. Is this some kind of f*cking joke? You only lose a few % in Diablo if you die not the frickin whole level. Oo...

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Yeah, it's not bad bad, buuuut is pretty bad. They started with the 'wayward souls' sales pitch, but soon had to resort to frequent $.99 sales. I'm guessing the game did portly on all fronts, and so they've stopped updates. It's playable, but it's a poor version of Diablo. If anyone is on the fence, wait for it to go on sale again in a few days or weeks, it's inevitable.