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Old 11-14-2014, 05:33 PM
baelnor baelnor is offline
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Finally won with assassin!!! Now back to samurai. Just can't win with him
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Old 11-26-2014, 01:45 AM
dreammaybequest dreammaybequest is offline
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Will this game on android ? I am really want to play this great game on my android phone .
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Old 12-23-2014, 02:37 PM
Ben! Ben! is offline
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The game is available for sale on Windows/Mac!
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Old 01-07-2015, 01:19 AM
Zanatar Zanatar is offline
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First of all.. I want to say Hi. I realize I`m late to the party, that is this thread.. arriving at page 64. There hasn't been a post since Christmas Eve.

I really hope people haven't stopped playing or reading.

I have some questions I was hoping to have answered.

But before I get to it.. I want to thank you LegendaryFerret for making this game. I`ve been having so much fun with it over the last month or so. As so many have said in here, I can't put it down. I can't stop myself from playing. The "one more game" curse.. has kept me up late at night. I`ve gotten OUT of bed, to play that "one more game". lol Fantastic game!

So on to my questions:

1) Where is everyone? Why is this thread so dead now? Have people stopped playing? Is there another forum I missed? I saw the thread to the Subreddit , but it`s been pretty quiet too. I`m hoping someone can tell me "hey we are all over at such and such forum. " I especially want to be on the forum where I know that LegendaryFerret is active on.

2) Speaking of LegendaryFerret. What is happening these days with the game? Are you still reading here? Are there more updates in the works? I really hope so. I would love to know what is happening and what your plans are for the future for Dream Quest.

That`s it for now.. I have a ton of game related questions, more pertaining to strategies and needing help. But I want to make sure people are still around here reading first, before I start asking.

Thanks, Zanatar.
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Old 01-07-2015, 11:32 AM
Hpmor Hpmor is offline
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I am still reading this thread, but I have to admit I have played other stuff in the last months, but I spent a lot of time on this (sort of, with a daytime job and small children there is just not a lot left for gaming...)

On the reddit there was an interview with Peter where he spoke about future plans, did you see that?

Anyway, welcome to the party 😃
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Old 01-07-2015, 05:14 PM
Zanatar Zanatar is offline
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iPad 2, iOS 7.x
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I just found it now.. I'm about to read it. Assuming it`s the right one. ie:

Is Peter still reading here at all, as far as you know?
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Old 01-07-2015, 05:37 PM
Zanatar Zanatar is offline
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iPad 2, iOS 7.x
Join Date: Aug 2014
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Sorry for the double post.

I just read the interview.

It doesn't really say much in terms of future content. He just says the following:

"Well, in terms of the graphic design, Iím still looking for someone who would be interested in working on that. Generally Iím pretty happy with the contentÖif I come up with some cool ideas for new classes and new cards, Iíd be okay with releasing some kind of expansion. I have ideas for a Dream Quest II that would change some things that I donít like, but itís just ideas at this point. Thereís a long way between having ideas and doing all the programming. "

How long ago was that interview? Would be great if we had an update from Peter.

I really hope Peter is still reading here. I would really like to hear if any new updates are coming soon.
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Old 01-08-2015, 05:16 AM
Shwqa Shwqa is offline
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It has been a while since that interview. Mostly like there will be no more updates. But hey crazier things have happened.
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Old 01-10-2015, 02:14 PM
Zanatar Zanatar is offline
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iPad 2, iOS 7.x
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Ok I`m looking to do something no one has done yet. If we could complile the info I`m looking to get from this thread, it would really help new players and old ones.

Now I have read Peter's strat's for the 4 basic classes.
From what I understand, there are at least 3 deck strategies you can have for each class. I am looking for advice on this.

I would like the format to show 3 deck archetypes , example cards to get, large or tight deck and overall strategy for the archetype. Let me start it off (and I`m my examples below are straight from Peter`s guide and not my own:

1) Colossus Smash deck - tight deck needed
Good cards to get: Holy Strike, Pierce, Wrath of God
Strat: to cycle through and get Colossus smash as often as possible. Use Double strike on powerful cards and avoid action cards Find utility in attack cards.

2) Slash deck -
Good Cards to get: 2nd sword, Slashes, some elemental strikes, Scimitars and Gaussí Hourglass
Strat: maximize the sword by getting as many triggers as you can and getting cruel talent on 3rd floor , and cards that weaken your opponent causing more damage per turn (Poisons?)

3) ? Not sure.. I`m thinking a defensive deck is often the 3rd archetypes
Would love for someone to fill this in.

1) Backstab Deck :
Good cards to get: Circle, Swiftness, Alacrity, Jab, Penetration and Dice
Strat: Lots of action cards that draw cards and add action points and then finish with Dice and backstab.

2) Strike Deck - Tight Deck needed
Good Cards to get: a couple of max Strikes , Desperate Strikes, Mimic, Coup de Grace and Darting Daggers, any other cards that copy Strikes at a lower action cost.
Strat: Needs lots of base action points for the strikes. You want to have a very tight small deck to cycle through and use strikes as much as possible each turn.

3) Defensive deck - (not sure on this but I think I`ve read this is a valid deck type)
Good cards to get: Shield, Jeremiad's Bracer, Dodge, Avoid, Blur , Hemorage, poison cards in general.
Strat: good idea to get some base action points and equipment slots and have high Dodge rate to avoid damage and cause poison damage. The idea being to survive long enough for your poisons to kill off the target.

Priest: Not 100% sure here. Peter`s advice on the priest was very broad overall and didn't give any deck types exactly. So I`m making this up based on my limited experience with Priests.

1) Prayer deck -
Cards to get: Any and all prayer type cards , Piety, and any cards that help improve Prayer cards in some way . Heals and defensive cards.
Strat: You need to stay alive long enough for your prayers to go off. Will require some good defensive cards. Might want to copy Piety going to floor 2, to have 2 or more of them. The faster you get lower the level 5 prayer cards to go off, the better.

I`m honestly not sure for these. Would love someone to fill this is in. I have not had much luck with the priest.

Wizard :

1) Electrocute. -
Cards to get: Electrocute, mana surge, mana swell, overload, Conduit ,Shock. There are others but I forget.
Strat: Raise as much of a mana pool as possible, to use on Electrocute.

2) Fire deck - Tight deck
Good cards to get: Fireball, explosion, meter , mana surge, overload, mana swell.
Strat: Needs high base mana to fuel the cost of spells. Needs a tight deck to kill mobs fast with high high dmg.

3) Ice / Poison deck- Heard about this but not sure how to fill this in.

Wizard's I think have huge potential for more then 3 archetypes. I think it has much more then other classes. As you can combine 2 element types.


Now that`s the extent of my knowledge. I have unlocked other classes (Monk, Samurai, Necromancer) so far. But I have not had much luck with them or figured out good strats to fill this format in.

Please continue this idea. I want to eventually compile your responses for other classes. I'll keep notes for who has replied and give credit. I will in time, once all the classes and archetypes are filled in, I will post a strategy guide (not under my name.. but as a community effort.

Thanks, Zanatar.
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