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App description: Human space station (Apollo Z) has been invaded and occupied by alien, at the critical moment our hero is assigned to fight, save hostages and free space station.

Our hero needs jump over different kinds of roadblocks, dodge attack weapons, finally beat big BOSS.

Tap screen, help our hero to accomplish his mission!

ijakechain's comments:
If you ever strongly enjoyed or hated this bird or that birdie (sorry birds, and birdies) , I'm pretty sure you will be interested to try "Jump 50", an originally designed iOS mobile game by BetaPlays, and I predict the "Jump and Fun" will be the next game phenomenon.

So why not be the "early birdie" to play right now and experience it before others start ?!

"Jump 50", newly available in the App Store, is the one that I fall in love badly, it is more fun if to play together with family members and friends. Challenging? Addictive? Elegant? I will let you to judge by yourself. While if you want to impress your friends with the rounds progress, "Jump 50" is exactly the one that will help, just Jump and Fun.

Indeed, Jump 50 guarantees you a lot of fun, when you are jumping along the circular orbit. Remember never touch ANY ONE PIXEL of the roadblocks in the way, else you will die and need to jump a new round.

It is also crazily easy to play. Just tap your device screen to jump, not touching anything, then you win, and get to next rounds. If you can finish all 50 rounds, it is indeed amazing! Dont hesitate to share your screens with your Facebook or Twitter friends, it is definitely impressive.

Still readying?? How lucky I am!!
Simply to say, Jump 50 is a casual iOS game, and the design is quite elegant. In a circular orbit, there are some roadblocks in the way, and you need to tap the device(iPhone now) screen to let the square object jump over the roadblocks in the way. If you do not hit any parts of the roadblocks, you win and go to next round, else you will die and need to start over. Note that it is so easy to play that most people, from very young children to elders can play with it to relax in the spare time since it takes seconds to pass or lose one round. But it doesn't mean it is too easy to be playable, actually in some rounds it indeed takes a while to practice before you can pass, the point is, you can not touch ANY ONE PIXEL of the roadblocks in the orbit, that is the most challenging and also addicting part.

After you jump over all rounds, how brilliant you are!! You will get a different medal based on the die(failure) times you play, when there might be surprise from our genius designers.

If you find it good, please let us know, we can share you joys.
If you find it bad, please also let us know, we can improve it for you.

Website: http://betaplays.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jump50Fun
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ijakeChain
Youtube: http://youtu.be/HaDKtsfs87k
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-50/id854996165

Let's Jump and Fun, and let the world hear our voices, Buddies!!