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Just bought iPad Air...tips and suggestions please

08-04-2014, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ChrisToscano View Post
Thanks for all the advice and input everyone! Pluto, I know what you mean about never using your iphone for gaming again. The screen is so small now that I know what playing on an ipad is like.

However, I find it hard to access the entire screen. How do you guys hold the ipad or which fingers do you use when playing? I was trying to play Fates Forever yesterday and you have to use the entire screen to move your character AND you have all your skills that you need to access along the left hand side. Finding it difficult to maneuver.

Anybody have tips for playing with the larger ipad screen?

Thanks again.
I play Fates forever by holding the iPad with my left hand, accessing the skills with my left thumb and I use the pointing finger of my right hand to walk around. Hope this helps. I'm using a mini though, so I don't know about the Air.
08-04-2014, 04:23 PM
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I cannot hold my Air up for long, thanks to RSI pain in my hands.
Even if you don't have RSI, I think what I pay attention to makes for a more comfortable experience for everyone.
Important note: I have large hands (covering the screen completely when I put them on it) . For someone with small hands things will be different.

Holding it in my lap is okay, then I mostly play with my thumbs.
In bed, I put it down and play lying down, or read.
Non-realtime games are the best for me, then I can take all the time I want.
Games like Revolution 60 or the Infinity Blades, where I need to access the whole screen in wide moves, are less comfy to play than e.g. XCOM or the Kingturns.
And I use a stylus quite frequently, that also makes a difference. Make sure to chance between pen and fingers now and then, to avoid cramping.

What you have to be careful with is that you do not curl/bend your hands into an uncomfortable position. I still tend to do that for controls in the bottom right corner.
And don't put your weight on the arm you use primarily, that is a sure recipe for pain.

If you write on the iPad, don't only use two-finger hunt&peck. Because the glass does not give, each tap sends a small jolt up your fingers, which you will likely feel after a while.
I still need to give the split keyboard a try, how that works for me, typing mainly with the thumbs.

Oh, almost forgot: for me it doesn't matter what I play, everything is so much better on the large retina screen.
I could never go back to my old iPod Touch 2 or my iPad2. And I find my wife's iPhone5's screen tiny in comparison.
08-04-2014, 04:40 PM
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Although in general I don't like covers and cases, for holding the iPad a case, or even the cover makes a huge difference. For me the length / width is not what makes holding it (particularly lying down in bed) like a book difficult - it is the thickness - it is so thin that I have to pinch my fingers and after a short time it gets old - having a cover / case increases the thickness and make it easier to hold, even though the weight is increased - also the edges don't dig into your hands.

I am guessing you are starting to lean toward keeping it - it really is one of those things that once you start using the larger screen, you wonder how you spent so many hours on a smaller screen...

There are individual games that the iPad is not suited for - and it maybe the game you mentioned is one of them. The better games will have sizable and virtual controls so one can adjust both to iPad or other iDevice.

Nullzone mentioned a stylus, and while I have used them, and own several, I have never had consistent feedback with them - sometimes it works, sometimes you bang the screen for an hour before it registers... I use the stylus for taking notes, but important things like gaming I only rely on my fingers. They work 100% of the time.

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08-04-2014, 04:47 PM
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The stylus was me.
I use this one
and it works as good as my fingers; no problems at all, even with a screen protector.
And the price is great too, ~7 here.
08-05-2014, 05:08 PM
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One more iPad game to add I just discovered: Astro Duel. It's an excellent arcade game with 2-4 player MP all on the same iPad using iDevices as controllers or the iPad itself. A ton of fun with friends!