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Independent Music & Audio Talent | The Higher Eclectic Ground Thread

03-25-2017, 04:27 AM
In The Stars | Sam Oz

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You're listening to Part One of 'In The Stars'; a two-part musical piece constructed by Sam Oz, as his first experiment with Synthwave. Besides hoping that the track shows off his talent in the genre, the video game musician states that it also reminds him of music he grew up on as a child.

Are you a Synth-fan? What do you think of this track? Let Sam know or reach out to him with your own music requests via his sub-forum.. For an in-depth look at his services and background, please visit his Space. Also, shout-out to beeple for letting us use his art.

Bit #8 | Will Phillips

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Written by Will Phillips on request for an 8 bit/16 bit tune, 'Bit #8' is the opening theme for the Learn to Adult Podcast. The musician draws heavy inspiration from the fast-paced racing/fighting games of yesteryear, adding modern sounds for added effect.

What do you think? Primarily an Orchestral composer, Will is also actively looking to contribute to your games. Learn more at his Space.
03-29-2017, 05:04 AM
Lumberjack Reloaded Title Theme | JMD

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Interpreting Monty Python's classic Lumberjack Song, our retro musician JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die renders the title theme for Amiga OCS/ECS game Lumberjack Reloaded. A Timberman port by COBE, Project R3D and Lemming880, the game has players cut down a tree as fast as they can while avoiding the branches above.

Note that JMD is actively looking to contribute retro chip-rock, electronic and ambient music to your games. Reach out to us via the comments below.

03-30-2017, 12:15 PM
Jazzy Paris | Alfredo Sirica

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Jazzy Paris is a goofy, comedic, almost mysterious tune by classical maestro Alfredo Sirica, that hails from the OST of Cowcat's 2016 quirky adventure Demetrios. Nostalgic, the musician recalls how he was asked to capture the game's spirit exactly a year ago.

Now also on the look-out for new game projects to commit to.
04-01-2017, 12:57 AM
Impractical Son | Van Reeves

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Van Reeves forays into the ambient this week with Impractical Son; grand, spacey, subtle, sombre all-in-one. Drawing inspiration from space exploration, the track is available for use in your games as per the terms listed here.

Simply leave us a comment below and we'll send the audio file your way. Note that Reeves is also looking to develop original music for your games; more on his Higher Eclectic Space.
04-04-2017, 01:45 AM
Flaming Volcano | Caleb Cuzner

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Originally created for the Volcano level of upcoming retro/modern platformer, Ninja Cube; this audio loop of Flaming Volcano has now been made available for use in your games by its composer, Caleb Cuzner.

Simply leave us your request below after consulting associated terms of usage. Of course, besides maintaining a library of music for commercial/non-commercial games, Caleb is actively looking for new game projects to create original scores for. More information may be found in the URL hyperlinked to his name above.
04-06-2017, 04:12 AM
In The Stars Part II | Sam Oz

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Part II of In The Stars picks up where the previous left off; illustrating Sam Oz's capabilities with the Synthwave genre. Debuted last month, In The Stars being a two-part musical trip that the composer/sound designer hoping to compose similar music for game projects.

Missed Part I? Listen to it here. Wish to work with Sam Oz on your own game? Give us a shout below.

Thanks Beeple for the art!
04-10-2017, 11:02 AM
Jam On Avenue One | Will Phillips

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Inspired by 90's classic, SimTower, Droid Towers is a free-to-play Android game tasking players with building skyscrapers & keeping their tenants happy. From its OST, our orchestral maestro Will Phillips shares his composition of Jam On Avenue One that intends to keep players moving to a light-hearted groove.

Of course, Will is also looking for new game projects to commit to. Simply leave us a comment below should you wish to collaborate.
04-12-2017, 06:56 AM
Decelerate | Van Reeves

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This cerebral, atmospheric, tense tune of Decelerate by Van Reeves derives inspiration from RTS game Homeworld. As he explains -- 'I've attempted to pay homage to an experience that accommodates for a deliberate & methodical approach to gaming.'

The track is now available for free-use in your games; simply leave us a comment below to get started. Need Reeves to create similar, but ORIGINAL music for your game instead? Don't hesitate to shout.
04-18-2017, 06:48 AM
The Investigation Begins | Alfredo Sirica

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Tasked with capturing the spirit of mystery, investigation and a Southern twang all-in-one, this tune of The Investigation Begins is perhaps composer Alfredo Sirica's trickiest pieces yet.

It was created for the original score of 2016 film, Porches and Private Eyes. Alfredo is always looking for new game projects to contribute classical/orchestral music to; leave us a comment below or reach out via team[at]highereg[dot]com to get started with your job requests.
04-24-2017, 01:08 PM
Climby Skies Music A | J.M.D

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In-game music created for Climby Skies; an upcoming homebrew platformer in development for unexpanded Amiga consoles. Composed by Simone Bernacchia alias JMD - Jovanotti MUST Die, the track borrows inspiration from the work of LukHash, while playing over a tech-demo of the game with placeholder art.

JMD is also looking for new retro game projects to create old-school chip-rock, electronic & ambient music for. Reach out with job requests by leaving us a comment below or at team[at]highereg[dot]com.

Carried Away Now On Steam Greenlight; Launch Trailer Features Music By Alfredo Sirica

Huge Calf Studios' maiden game venture, a bridge-building physics puzzler named Carried Away, went live on Steam Greenlight last weekend. What makes it all the more special for us is that Alfredo Sirica, Higher Eclectic Ground affiliated classical musician, has put together the game's launch trailer theme.

This is the first collaboration we've helped effect for Alfredo since his joining us in December; we go in to the details here, while also linking you to Carried Away's Steam page.