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Getting featured on App Store

04-19-2017, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Zq7r View Post
I mentioned using "metal" when I pitched my game to apple. So far no luck. Gonna keep trying.
Before making a game play games from the featured list for like half a year. Try to catch the idea behind them. Even if it may seem simple, there is always something, you may not notice. Once you start noticing what is it you'll be able to predict what games from the Touch Archade "out now" list will be featured next day. Once your predictions will match at least 70-80% to the choise of the editorial team, you'll be ready for making a game that may have a change to get there.

However, I would warn you now, but you won't listen, will you? Once you got featured you may fall into a whole set of new to you issues. Your game may not get enough downloads, because ... (insert anything here, game setting, overhardored, overhardened, bugged, boring, servers felt down on traffic, cellular download limit, major release of an AA+ title same day, etc.). And if it gets enough downloads, it may not get you the revenue it could.

So making a game that would be featured and in the same time could benefit from it, it a way tougher task. So do not concentrate on featuring. Make a great game. Featuring will be a plus. But do not get into a dependency of it. 200k-2m downloads may bring you basically nothing. Especially if you are making a casual game with a long tail of IAP that generates revenues in years. You'll get a bunch of users but of different behavior - they won't pay mostly. Ads may work, but the most I've seen were like <5% $0.40+ ARPU, <10% $0.20 ARPU, <20% $0.10 ARPU, and the other 80% are below $0.03-0.05. So you may get anything like 60-300k$ on ads powered game. But it may be just a few grands. I would say thay if on your first 3 games you'll get above $0.20 cents on such users then you'll be lucky. But I would say that most will fall into the minor tier.