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Snow Off Road-Promo Codes-Universal

05-20-2014, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Lavender View Post
Thanks for commenting!
You have some great games. But... you have a lot of ads in the PAID ones. This is terrible! If someone pays you for a game, they should not be payng for a premium FREE app.
As long as you are charging real money for an app and you leave ads in it, and you are not disclosiong it before the sale, making YOU more money, YOU are cheating the customer.
I know you allready know this. I have purchased a couple of your apps, with real money, without knowing that there were ads in them because you do not disclose this fact.
What if you purchased a movie, with real money, to watch at home and then find that there are commercials every couple of minutes? And; nowhere on the box does it mention the commercials. You would be upset.
Your games are made well. And; I know I would purchase many or your games if I wasn't being cheated.

If the app is a free one, then of course the ads should be there so you can recieve some, even though it is small, compensation for your hard work. When you charge real money for an app, that is your compensation and you are the one that decides how much compensaton that should be by deciding what prce to charge.

If you want more support, & more purchases made, stop cheating people.
As long as developers are charging real money for a PAID app, even with a promo code, that is full of un-disclosed ads, I am going to be around warning others so they don't invest in it like I did previously.

Oh, and I would rather delete the game then turn off my wi.fi. I am not going to turn it off just to have a blank spot where ads go. Still just as bothersome & inappropriate.
Do the right thing and I'll cheer you on for that too.
Good luck to you.

Thank you so much for writing such a detailed review Lavender!
I will work to improve my apps and really hope u enjoy them!