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10-15-2014, 11:56 AM
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New update of Mad Bullets is on it's way with... can You guess?

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11-13-2014, 09:41 AM
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Mad Bullets hits Google Play Store

The critically acclaimed mobile railshooter (including all the previously released extras on iOS) is finally available for Android users on the globe: http://bit.ly/1zm0LE6

Budapest, Hungary November 13, 2014 isTom Games proudly announces that the long-wait is over: Mad Bullets Android version is now live and downloadable from the Google Play Store. Mad Bullets was this summers railshooter hit, as it revitalized the 90s lightgun games and introduced it to the ever-growing generation of mobile players. Mad Bullets is set in a crazy cartoon interpretation of the old Wild West, loaded with tons of bad guys, damsels in distress, wild animals and many-many destroyable objects. True to the arcade feeling, the game offers simple but highly addictive mechanics, where nearly every single object on the screen can be shot for bonus points. The high-speed action, crisp retina display resolution visuals and 60 FPS optimized performance makes Mad Bullets a standout release even by todays mobile standards. It is highly praised by players and game journalists, who gave the game a nearly perfect score. Mad Bullets was featured several times on the App Store, and achieved more than 10k positive reviews, reaching an almost perfect, 4.5 score out of 5.

"...as a lighthearted homage to vintage shooters and Western movies, it's a winner."
[Shaun Musgrave - TouchArcade]

"Mad Bullets is a bright, light-hearted shooting gallery game with precise controls."
[Nadia Oxford - Pocketgamer]

"Mad Bullets (Free, Universal) is fun above all else to offer finely crafted arcade shooting action, fitted nicely to iOS for a great pick-up. "
[Trevor Sheridan - Apple'N'Apps]

After its midsummer release, Mad Bullets has been updated 7 times, with loads of free contents, which made the experience even more deeper and enjoyable. As for the just released Android version: it holds all the previously presented iOS updates, so the full Mad Bullets package can be reached within a single free download from the Google Play Store. This means the 5 game modes, 3 western locations (split into 50 individual levels), 4 minigames, 200 missions, 33 achievements, upgradeable equipment, dozen leaderboards, trendy dubstep OST and fully destroyable environments are all there in the Android version of Mad Bullets.

Prepared with meticulous care, Mad Bullets is an arcade gem from a developer who truly loves videogame history, for those players who really appreciates pure gameplay and videogames at its core.

Direct link to the Google Play Store:

Direct link to the App Store: