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Old Yesterday, 05:28 PM
frownface frownface is offline
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Found myself with a free day the other day so I decided to gather some statistics to work out where my chips were coming from.

I recorded the source of all my chips for a day of actively playing and here are my results:

Missions                  156  (37%)
Elevator (non casino)      44  (11%)
Elevator (casino)          98  (24%)
Dream Jobber               61  (15%)
Fully booking a hotel      20   (5%)
Fully restocking a floor   38   (9%)

Total                         417
Firstly i'll point out that I usually don't earn anywhere near that amount of chips in a day, less than half of that, that was just a big day.

- I had at the time 40 floors, so earned 3 chips/mission
- My floor breakdown was : 8 Casinos, 8 Hotels, 24 Other.
- Of my 32 employable floors, 23 had 3 gold stars.
- I kept all my casinos during that time fully stocked with bux

Unsurprisingly while actively playing I earned the majority of my chips from missions.

Having earned 98 chips for delivering patrons to casino floors, and that casinos comprised of 1/5 of my floors, I can estimate that I ran 490 elevators that day.

392 of those elevators were to non-casino floors, and I earned 44 chips for those deliveries. From this I infer that approximately 11% of elevators will tip a chip.

I fully restocked a floor a total of 78 times that day, earning 38 chips. So approximately 1/4 of the time I earned a tip (worth 2 chips)

I usually don't go through the exercise of swapping DJ's into a vacant slot (because i usually don't have any vacancies) but for the exercise I did that day, expecting that i'd earn a lot of chips. While I did earn 61 chips, my gut feeling was that it just wasn't worth the effort. I happily evict silver stars, but swapping out gold stars just felt cumbersome. Because I had 9 levels (out of 32) with silver stars, and assuming that DJ's were randomly distributed. I can approximate that I would have made only ~30% of what I did (18 chips instead of 61)

I didn't keep any sort of tabs on how often i filled out a hotel, due to the revolving door nature of them it was difficult to keep track. But if I were to guess, i'd say 1/4 of the time I fully fill out a hotel do I get a tip (2 chips)

I actively played over a period of 7.5 hours that day (450 minutes) so my overal earn rate for the time was 0.9 chips per minute.

Playing normally the next day, I earned about 150 chips lol.
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Old Yesterday, 08:31 PM
Andrwsc Andrwsc is offline
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Originally Posted by frownface View Post
The ones I couldn't quite come up with costumes for (and resorted to seemingly random ones) :

Basement poker
777 Slots
Grape Cellar
Lazer Lanez

Any ideas?
I used the overalls for Basement Poker (looks like a janitor, who would be stuck in the basement...?) and the Roman for Grape Cellar (Rome, Italy, wine, ...)

Not the strongest of connections, I admit! But I also have no idea for 777 Slots and the bowling alley.
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Add me to the list that joined #TALEAGUE. my code is 10GF (that is a zero, not a letter).
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Ghosthack Ghosthack is offline
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Originally Posted by Andrwsc View Post
I like the afro idea for Phat Beatz, and I am also saving the cyborg for Techno 21.

I used the heart for the Candy Shoppe; same logic you had for Candy Slots I guess!
I've doubled up on a couple floors.
Cyborgs are also all over my Techno21
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Corky McButterpants Corky McButterpants is offline
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I used Uncle Sam's for 777 floor in my original game. Nice razzmatazz - not sure if there's a more fitting floor that I never unlocked?
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