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Feedback for my app icon and itunes screenshots

03-27-2014, 05:59 AM
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Woops, haven't been here for a while now, didn't think this post will be getting much replies! :P (especially since its a very pink-style math(s) game, haha!...)

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to you all for your thoughts and feedback, I appreciate it!

03-28-2014, 06:22 PM
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I dig your icon. Very nice.
I don't mind the pink, but you might want to tone it down or pastelize it a bit, to obtain the kind of hues you get today in flat design, and perhaps two or three variations from time to time, just to bring a subtle hint of variety in your screenshots.
It's cheap and quite helps, otherwise someone might think ok, it's more of the same beyond the first picture.

I had problems to understand the point to understand the game from this unique tutorial image :

The equation on the top left corner wasn't obvious to link to what was sitting on the board. Especially since you had to realize that it was halved.
Perhaps make the equation more obvious, bigger, and move it at the center top or center bottom of the screen in such a way that the number on the left side of the plus sign is on the left sign of the dotted fence. Same for the number on the right side of the plus sign.
As to where place the equal sign and the result of the equation, tough one.

Plus the "ignore" and "real" tags don't help. They kinda disturb and slow down the comprehension of the rules.
It's simpler to put a line of text that says "count the dark shapes and add their values". Explain, right next to that, each shape's respective value (because it's indicated in the top right corner and then again it looks like something you collect).
In fact, maybe the quickest way to have the message sent to your audience in the tutorial section is to literally put the value inside the shapes (as long as it's readable).

Regarding the last picture, I guess you made an artistic choice, but I think a string "Answer ?" would really explain what those four rectangles are all about.
Maybe the answer doesn't have to always appear. Either it's only on the promo pictures or the tutorial.

For the title, I agree with other opinions that Pinky looks better as a whole word.
04-05-2014, 11:53 AM
This might be a repetition of what other people have already said:

- Pink Color - I am assuming you are only targeting Girls, if you are targeting boys too then you need to choose a gender neutral color
- Screenshots - You need to Annotate your Screenshots with words, explain each feature ; the whole point of screenshots is to educate the user about the game & its features. Dont make users read the description as they will loose interest & skip to the next app
Icon - Its neat & catchy, except for the color i.e., if you are targeting boys too then you need to change the color

Definitely change "Maths" to "Math" in your description if you are targeting the US market

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