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Sinister Dream-Indie Horror Unreal Engine-by Arturo Rene Torres (Universal)

04-06-2014, 05:59 PM
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Sinister Dream-Indie Horror Unreal Engine-by Arturo Rene Torres (Universal)

Hi, i wanted to give an impression of this interisting game made on UDK...it has some Indigo Lake with slightly (luckily) touchs of Slender series. Its first person exploration focused. The story goes like this: A father loose his girl child on an accident, but he got messages from her on his dreams. So, he must collect keys and hint messages on the enviroiment to reach some "answers" to the questions hes having about the loose and its meaning. As i said it features nice graphics with udk (nothing triple A but cleverly designed), an inmersive athmosphere, and a all for only 0,99 U$S. Maybe for future updates: it lags a little (only a little) on my ipad 2, the controls are a little unresponsive on some graphicaly charged sceneries (nothing to day for, but deserves an update) and there are some slender-like monsters, "The woodmen" that...uhm, maybe need a makeup or two for what the game deserves. Anyway i think it sure deserves a try. Im a real fan of this horror survival games and this guy is in a good path. (im not the developer and i dont know him folks)

Heres the itunes link

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04-06-2014, 06:49 PM
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looks interesting
04-15-2014, 10:39 AM
Hi haha, I comed across with this, (sorry for my English, I am from spain) I am Arturo, the developer of this game, thanks for your feedback, I have already submited an update that solves the control problems and it will be acepted by apple in the next few days, Im glad that you enjoyed my game, it tooks a lo of develop! (I work totally alone). I am already working on the second part, and at the same time I am improving the main one through updates. By the by, I am already recording the dialogues for the main game, they are really cool, and hope you see them once they were finished!

Pd: the low fps problems on ipad 2 and ipad mini are really difficult to solve, but I will work on them as soon as I fix some problems that have priority! Thank you guys!
04-19-2015, 03:19 PM
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Amazing graphics, need better scares.

I'm going to start off by saying the thing that blew me away in this game was the graphics. Great job. The one thing that just seemed out of place in a quality game was the monsters. Not only are they pretty much just slenderman, but they don't attack, just make the screen blink orange, and show in a cheesy font: YOU ARE DEAD. They should move, or jump at you, or something scarier than just standing still. I also don't really understand the purpose of the keys, but that might just be me. Once this is fixed, I think many more people will want to play this game.
09-12-2015, 05:45 AM
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Hola Arturo. Encontré 10 llaves y no puedo continuar. No puedo caminar por la noche que me muera inmediatamente.
No puedo encontrar otras sugerencias. Que alguien me ayude!