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Apple TV: Welcome to the (Potentially Temporary) Apple TV Games Forum!

10-29-2015, 03:16 PM
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Welcome to the (Potentially Temporary) Apple TV Games Forum!

Hey dudes,

So we're in kind of a weird spot right now when it comes to figuring out what the heck to do with Apple TV stuff. From a tech perspective, since Apple TV purchases can be universal across both the Apple TV and iOS, we need to see how all the iTunes ID's work out to make our existing appinfo tag (Which also ties together most of the behind the scenes stuff at TouchArcade work) function properly. To test and build this out, we need the iTunes API to start populating with Apple TV titles, which hasn't happened yet... So, things might be weirdly broken on our end for a while as we figure all this out.

We also need to see how Apple TV games play out to see where their place will be here at TouchArcade. Right now, it seems like they're iOS games, but not really. It reminds me a lot of when the iPad came out, how iPad games definitely were still iOS games, but it felt like a distinctly different platform. Fast forward a few years later, and it didn't really make sense anymore to have iPad games broken out into their own forum here since nearly everything is universal now.

So, consider this the temporary home for Apple TV stuff on TouchArcade. Depending on how all this shakes out it's possible this forum might get merged with the main one, exist on its own, or just sort of shrivel up and die if no one is interested in Apple TV stuff here. Who knows! Anything could happen!
10-29-2015, 05:28 PM
Thanks for this. I have been wondering where a resource would be for Apple TV games.

Really excited about this platform.

10-30-2015, 04:40 AM
I think it's a good call, even if it's temporary. Discoverability on the TV Store is naught.
10-30-2015, 06:08 AM
Apple TV should supported social app ?
11-19-2015, 09:43 AM
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Hello there!

I was waiting for Apple TV 4 to happen. I cannot wait for all those FPS / Stealth single-player games to come. Also, all that racing games that might/will come. Asphalt 8 sucks in essence, but it indicates there's hope.

I hope to move from my iPad mini 4 to aTV4 as my primary game platform and use iPm4 only as complementary device. Given that games will be universal and will support cross-device play.

More of aTV4 games/ articles are needed! Thanks!
11-20-2015, 08:50 AM
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I have 2 boys, 5 & 10, and have been waiting for gaming to come to Apple TV. They each have a iPad mini as well as a wii. I have not invested in a game console since I prefer the costs and mobility of iOS games.

I am looking for a resource for Apple TV game reviews and news, I hope this is it.
12-20-2015, 10:23 AM
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If the device would come standard with a normal controller and cross-buy option of games, it could be interesting.
But if you want to play some amazing games, use Netflix, YouTube, stream movies and don't want to spend too much money, why not get a PS3 (or Xbox 360)?
Bought one this summer secondhand with GTA V, all 3 Bioshock games and Suikoden 1-2 for 100 euros.
And getting more games is not expensive either, most gaming shops over here sell a lot of quality games round 5 euros (MGS 4, GTA IV, Final Fantasy XII).
And unless you use the disc as a coaster for your hot drink there is no worry that the game will break after some update .

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12-27-2015, 03:24 PM
I'm excited for the prospects of Apple TV... Thanks for the heads up Eli. One of APple's huge strengths at least throughout history is integration... We have the power to make experiences seamless on any device. Play any game on any medium and have your progress saved. I hope Apple creates more game oriented hardware.

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01-10-2016, 09:38 PM
Ideally, iPhone/iPad/AppleTV becomes the new universal. But we'll see.

I'd love to see more good ATV coverage on TA. I'm currently relying on SlideToPlay for keeping up with new releases for ATV.
02-15-2016, 11:22 AM
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Hi Eli,
I hope you do a lot of coverage about the Apple TV 4 I love it but finding games can be a real drag any new info you can get to help us out would be a big help. Count me in for support!