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Something odd about matchmaking...

08-22-2016, 10:48 AM
Joined: Aug 2016
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Something odd about matchmaking...

I've noticed some weird things about matchmaking, I know this has been brought up before but I would like to share my experiences...

The other day, I FINALLY unlocked the lava hound. I literally get torn to pieces by this flying beast on the reg.
First match: I faced someone with an entire deck of anti-air troops. Interesting, must be a coincidence.
Second match: I faced someone with an inferno tower and a tesla. Okay, still might be a coincidence.
Third match: I faced someone with inferno tower and several anti air troops... Okay, I finally unlock the lava hound I've been waiting for but it is absolutely useless because I'm facing people who have counters for it every single match.

I decide to ditch the lava hound and switch to my other deck that I win with often, I notice the "looking for players screen" is taking a little longer than usual, interesting... this deck is a Giant offensive deck.
First match: Zero anti-air troops, oh that would have been nice the last three matches? But the opponent of course has the inferno tower, rendering my giant useless.
This annoys me so I switch to my third deck.. once again, "looking for players" is taking a while to find a player for me... this deck is my hog rider offensive deck.
First match: opponent has the cannon/barb combo, rendering my hog rider useless.

I fall back to my lava hound deck for shits and giggles and once again I'm facing all anti-air troops.

After losing nearly 200 trophies I decided to quit and come back later. When I came back, I noticed I had counters for ALL of my opponents cards and quickly regained my 200 trophies.

Is it coincidence? Is matchmaking based on win/lose percentage? I've also noticed right before you're about to move on to the next arena, it'll give you a significantly harder opponent with a lot of counters. Another thing I have noticed is sometimes you will face someone with the exact same deck as yours except for one card and that one card will be the difference maker