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05-23-2017, 12:45 PM
I feel like this game started to go downhill when the developers tried to prove they're smarter than us. Or something. I dunno what they're doing.

In 15, the most obvious solution gave me a letter instead of progressing me forward. Next, I did some equations that made sense. Until the next one didn't work no matter what I tried. So I used a hint. The solution made no sense. I don't know why they went this route but so far 14 & 15 are far less logical/obvious than the previous ones. I get adding more challenge, but these feel really obtuse, like they only make sense in hindsight after you reverse engineer them.

Edit: Finished the game, but don't even get me started on 18. Lord.

Found all the letters, so gonna try to figure out what those coordinates do.

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05-24-2017, 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by 19civciV View Post
The level 0 is accessible only if you completed the game to 100%. That's the best hint I can say without spoiling anything
For sure the access to this level is not inside another level...

Talking with the devs, seems that there is another secret level to found. Let's try to hunt it togethers ? Here is my theories :

1. Those coordinate should be the key to something... But I can't figure out anything "logic" in GoogleMap with those ones. Maybe only one of them is the key to somewhere in the map, and we need to try them all ?

. The 18th level is intrigating me a lot, as the 3rd note is just close to the door, nothing related to the rune... This one represent a square, so maybe we need to do something with it ? There is a wall with the laser who represent a square... I'm trying everything but nothing seems to work there...

. This rune in mind, I also tryed to draw it in the panel of level 1 where the 3rd note talk about he found the secret way...

. If the rune is a key, then maybe it's related to the rune in the launch screen ? Then again, I can't figure out what the launch screen rune is representing...

. "Anadolu" seems to be related to a place somewhere in Ankara, Turkey...

I'm trying too much ahah !
Please let's hunt this mystery togethers
I found the hidden level 0! Any hints on completing it?
05-26-2017, 06:04 AM
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Relevance of the dates

Could the dates be of some relevance, The first thing that I noticed that they are all over 11 years ago. This could just be to indicate that a period of time has passed. However, the notes inside level 6 are out of date sequence:
Level 5 2006/09/10,
Level 6 2006/09/02,
Level 7 2006/09/15.

It could be an error , but the rest of the game seems so polished so I doubt it.