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01-23-2014, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by AJShadowz View Post
This game is WAY better than any other card matching memory game on the App Store. It's just so creative and original with the music and art. I'm stoked for the big update coming up. I am grateful for the promo code I was lucky enough to receive however after playing the game I wish I would have just paid for it. Ya know, for support.
Hello, AJShadowz! Many thanks for your kind words about the game and for mentioning the update. In the next two weeks we will release two smaller updates, which will improve multiplayer (we're working on local wi-fi and lobby options) and several other aspects of the game (including scaling of the food pack images). We have tried to account for as much feedback as we got from our users (especially Touch Arcade forum members). After that a big update will follow - it will include unlockable wallpapers and a brand new Story Mode with 25 diverse challenges and story styled after Alice in Wonderland, which should give a game more sense of progression.

And don't worry about not buying the game - time you took to leave the review and the review itself count just as much:-)
01-24-2014, 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by rich_952000 View Post
This is a great matching game with tons of content. Charming atmosphere. Well worth the download
Hello, rich_952000! Thank you for your recommendations:-)) We're really glad you liked the game and we appreciate the review!
02-02-2014, 10:34 AM
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I just thought of a new mode of play for your game. I don't believe it copies anything I have seen before and was wondering if you would be interested in it as it would be keeping in the tone and spirit of the game. I don't want to post it here as I thought I would run it by you first. Some companies don't like you to solicit ideas to them for legal reasons so PM me if - like I said - you are interested.