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FUUSIO Puzzle Game Reboot

04-13-2017, 04:21 PM
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FUUSIO Puzzle Game Reboot

F U U S I O Puzzle Game

Hi guys,

I am very pleased and super excited to return to the TouchArcade Forums. I am the developer of FUUSIO puzzle game for iOS : [http://toucharcade.com/2012/06/18/fuusio-review/]. I finally found time and motivation to develop a next generation version of FUUSIO to reboot it. During last few years quite many players have contacted me and asked whether I have any plans to release a new version of FUUSIO.

This time around I will develop first the Android version and then the iOS version later on. There most important reason is that I have been developing mostly Android apps during the last few years. Another reason is that I am still in process of learning Swift for iOS development.

I wanted to start this thread because I feel that I really need support and advice both from you fellow indie game developers and from you who like to play puzzle games.

The new version of FUUSIO will be quite different from the original one. I have the puzzle game engine quite ready now, but I am definitely still open for any suggestions and ideas for any aspect of the game including the core play mechanisms for it.

The get started this thread, here is the very first teaser video I have released for the new version FUUSIO : https://youtu.be/x_OuAdvYk9k. I am sorry for the bad quality for it. It is just a screen capture video I made using ADB.

The graphics seen on the video are not finalised - just prototype graphics. Final graphics will be more stylised and simplified. I really like to use very simple and functional designs - you see, I am from Scandinavia.

I will provide more details and progress information later on. If you are interested please follow me at Twitter @FuusioPuzzle and @Fuusio.

Thx in advance.
04-17-2017, 08:39 AM
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An idea for the launcher icon

I am not a graphical designer and creating a decent looking launcher/app icon has always been a great pain for me. The following icon is my current idea for the launcher icon. The colour theme of my puzzle app will be gray-ish and therefore I wanted the launcher icon to be compatible with that theme.

04-19-2017, 02:53 PM
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Teaser Video 2

Here is an another teaser video for FUUSIO puzzle game. This video shows more elaborated graphics and animations. The video features only a fraction of the puzzle game mechanisms and various block types in FUUSIO. For instance, there is a block type that can be used to create connected blocks forming various shapes. I will release more videos later on demonstrating the versatile game mechanisms.

Youtube link | Pop Up

What do you think? For instance, which graphical design for blocks do you prefer? The blocks represented with rounded rectangles or with flat squares show in this second teaser video?

05-02-2017, 08:26 AM
Nice Puzzle Game

Hello Friends,

I have seen your puzzle game. I really like it. Thanks for sharing. Keep sharing this type of games.