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Pencil Paper and the Ball PC game

05-13-2017, 03:44 AM
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Pencil Paper and the Ball PC game

Hello ! I'm a developer of this game.
this game for PC but in the plans creating version for Android.

I proceeded from the fact that the main thing is to make an interesting game on the platform that is closer to you, and only then be transferred to other platforms.

Pencil Paper and the Ball PC game

Green Ball Holidays continue.

It would seem - just rest! But not here it was.

Not everything is calm in the vastness of the galaxy and Green instead of rest falls not somewhere, namely to our home planet - Earth.

We get to know ourselves more closely with Green, learn more about the planet Bol,
And also about Pencil and Paper, which arrived on Earth in search of Green.

Green gets acquainted with earth inhabitants in the person of Kostya and Polinka.

Pencil and Paper do not lag behind, and they also make a series of acquaintances.

It would be great to live for the inhabitants of Planet Earth, if not for one feature of these strange aliens who,
by the way, they do not look that way at all, it's just that our consciousness is just materializing it. So that's it -
cunning aliens know something dangerous: Pencil is able to draw on Paper
and all that he draws can immediately materialize.

Imagine that this can happen on a galactic scale!
After all, they have a fantasy oh, what irrepressible !!!

And the universal mind in the face of the planet Bol does not slumber.

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