10-29-2014, 04:11 PM
hey guys, i have been playing this game for quite a while. i have a love-hate relationship with it because there are points in the game where you get stuck and you need to grind to level up a couple times or find better equipment. however, i persevered and have beaten Hard Mode with Ellisa and Luke. Lith is struggling in Normal mode and i have to keep grinding to improve her level/stats--the random drop system definitely makes the game easier, but Lith unfortunately cannot use equipment.

i used to only like using Ellisa. i chose her first, and when i unlocked Luke, i hated him to death, mainly because of awkward controls--he will too easily dash-cancel instead of just walk forward, but i've gotten used to it now. i now have Luke with 61 STR and Ellisa with 61+79 STR (79 is from equipment), and Luke has a way easier time dispatching the final area and obliterates the final boss in Hard Mode, and he doesn't even need to use Burst Mode... hard to go back to the low-damage Ellisa now.

Ellisa has a lot of skills that control the crowd but only 1 Action skill that does serious damage--Elemental Slash, but it costs too much to spam and also has a slow recharge time. with Luke, i found Icycle Edge is awesome as hell--it is like a combination of Ellisa's Sword Gust (but without armor) followed by Frost Orb. it can deal a ton of damage if both parts of the skill hit the enemy, and the recharge time is fast.

oh one thing i want to say about Ellisa - DO NOT get her Axe Heel... it is TERRIBLE. i often do it by accident when i want a normal jump attack, and she'll end up bouncing off an enemy (letting the enemies land first and start their attack animation) and her slow land allows enemies to destroy her. if you react to the accidental execution fast enough, you can double-jump if the double-jump is still available, but she can't attack until she lands! Axe Heel can be cool at times, but in those important situations when i want to escape with jumps and attacks (to disrupt/damage enemies while i get away), i've made too many input mistakes that cost me a Game Over.

one question i have is does anyone know what the Curse status do? i had a weapon with Curse on Luke and thought it was the reason i was killing faster.. i thought it lowers enemy defense, but based on the damage numbers i try to observe, it doesn't seem to be the case.

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10-29-2014, 10:07 PM
update: tried a wpn with higher base atk for Ellisa (giving up the crit rate bonus)... 1-shotted the final boss with Elemental Sword. yay...
10-29-2014, 10:13 PM
Glad you're enjoying the game! I noticed you only posted on this forum just to talk about this game It's a hidden gem really and I'm surprised it's still free.

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yeah i don't try too many games nowadays (trying to play less) but i kept coming back to this one and am enjoying more now... was hoping there was more information about it on the web.
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Thank You!