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Weekly Cycles

As mentioned in the wiki, there are two weekly cycles, one for the Daily Shop:

The other for Daily Quests:

Note that some of the harder Normal quests will give you some better treasure items including the Nature/Fire/Water Tomes, Big Tomes, Rune of Captains, Rune of Heroes, and even Rune of Legends.

If you need a specific item for evolving a hero, it's best to do the Daily quest for that item. Just based on drops I've had and specifically just commenting on the Tuesday quest:

The hard difficulty element specific lairs (e.g., Fire Lair/Water Lair/Nature Lair) probably drop the Horn 100% of the time and Skull 25% of the time.

The Dark Lair, which is Heroic difficulty has dropped the Dragon Heart 100% of the time and one other Skull (so about 1/3 of the time).

So if you're looking at any one element's skull, expected value of stamina usage would be 90 to gain the skull if you go with Heroic / Dark Lair and 100 for Hard / (Element) Lair. If your heroes are good enough, go with the Dark Lair.

The best places for:

GOLD - Dwarf Vault (weekend quest) - Heroic difficulty, I average about a sixth of a million gold per run. So 150 stamina for 1 million gold. I usually save up stamina and do 11 or so. (24 hours/day x 2 days x 6 stamina/hour = 288 stamina)

PLAYER EXPERIENCE - Legendary Hero (Phoenix Prince / Dragon Prince / False Prince / Goldilocks) - Heroic difficulty.

I believe the Hard difficulty was 30 stamina and Heroic is 40 stamina. You get 15000 experience for Hard and 24000 experience for Heroic.

HERO EXPERIENCE - That's tough to call. The Legendary Hero non-Lair quests net you a ton of experience. I've gotten anywhere from 2-5 Big Tomes.

Some of the Hard quests seem to give decent experience for much less stamina e.g., Merlin/Fairy Godmother/Rumplestiltskin fables. The Underworld Palace ones are pretty challenging (probably Heroic difficult) and I haven't gotten a ton of hero experience books out of them. In general, the final level of a fable costs more in stamina but also has more battles -- which means more possibilities for treasure.

The timed quest, "Guardian of the Books" for 20 stamina also nets a fair bit of experience. I think I usually get 3-5 treasures out of that and from experience:
2 out of 20 treasures (10%) are 1x Big Tome
40% or about 8 treasures are 1-2x Fire/Nature/Water Tome
50% of the treasures are 5x Experience Tome

The advantage is that you are guaranteed experience books rather than random other items like elixirs, potions, keys, evolve items, and so on. But if I do that distribution, that's like just under 1000 experience per stamina (937.5 hero experience per stamina spent).

In terms of hero experience per stamina, it seems pretty close for the Hard to Heroic quests (Merlin and higher) vs. the Guardian of the Books quest.

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Defeated Goldilocks


I whacked Goldilocks in about 2 hours.

I was "testing" various combos and the one that won looked like this:

I have 120 links (finished all available content = Book 23)
Midas, King of Gold, level 96; fully potioned -- Enchanted with Block 8%
Snow Queen, Regent of the Ice, level 78; about half potioned -- Enchanted with Block 7%
Storm Sorceress, level 80; about half potioned -- Enchanted with Water Resistance +11% [total=46%]
Rose Red, Lady of the Flame, level 100; fully potioned -- Enchanted with Block 8%
+ FRIEND: Guinevere, Queen of the Round, level 65

I think here are my estimates:
Health: 25 million
Damage: (Water) 15,155 +/-
Every water gem you take in, you lose three (3) links

This is why the combo works:
1) Storm Sorceress' high water resistance and added water resistance basically mean that you can survive the one hit kill.
Of course if you had a fully leveled and potioned Brownweave Bear, you'd have more margin for error.

I've done like 400+ potions and I still can't get the legionnaire level. I do get the "Greater" (level 4) enchant, so that maxes out at 13%.

With 47% water resistance total, your team should survive one hit -- so you need to heal fast. When your active (Weakening Chant) is available, take it. That lowers Goldilocks' damage another 20%. I think I was getting whacked for just over 6k -- two would kill.

2) Rose Red's role is primarily support (+20% critical is about as good as you can get) plus her health of about 2000.

3) Snow Queen, Regent of Ice is a MUST. She's the main source of damage. I popped at least 8 implosions (reduction of 25% of enemy's remaining life).

If you don't take Snow Queen, you're going to be sitting around for days. I think my Implosion damage went 6.2 million, 4.2 million, 3.4 million, 2+ million, 1.8 million, 1.2 million, 800k, and 500k.

Her passive restores 12 links every critical hit.

4) Guinevere, Queen of the Round gives you 160 health every link you restore.

So the combination of Rose+Snow Queen+Guin should restore you an expected value of (5 characters) * (5% base critical + 20% Rose Red) * 12 links per critical * 160 health per link =
15 links per turn and 2400 health per turn (every little bit counts, trust me)

Guinevere's Active is Meditation, restoring 12 links per turn for 5 turns.

5) Midas, King of Gold
As a tank, and for doing nature damage.
Midas' passive (+80% for area attack) is pretty useless, so I may have to find a better substitute. I think this is where Brownweave Bear goes if you have a Brownweave Bear.

Midas' active of fully recharging all links has a secondary purpose: if you have Guinevere, this also acts as a full heal.

If you have the Epic Brownweave Bear fully potioned and max level, I think that means you can probably survive 2-3 attacks with the above team. Brownweave Bear only restores 25 links every 12 turns (instead of Midas' full links every 25 turns).

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