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12-03-2013, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by junani119 View Post
After listed your review with your ATO nick name, please send a message to admin then we will support 30 credits. Thank you!
I wrote a review in iTunes Spain
ID: Sersanara
Nickname: Sersanara

Thank you.
12-03-2013, 07:31 PM
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Hi, first I have to say that the game is very addictive and complete. Congrats!

A few suggestions:

1. Possibility of renew cargo aircrafts (a/c) like passenger a/c. Maybe don't have many options like seats, distance, extras, etc, but only paying a quantity of money can improve the satisfaction.

2. Share code should be formed by a couple of a/c or routes, one of each player, not only one a/c or route from the owner of the route witch is subject of the request. Then the sum of the profits can be increased by a percentage like now.

3. Force players to operate only in Hubs and cannot operate in anywhere, like AT2. These can be purchased by price increasing every time to difficult an excessive number of Hubs.

4. Why cannot I see the paint of other player's a/c unless I pay 1 credit? I don't say that you can see all details of routes, prices, etc., but at least its general information, fleet, a/c paint and so on

5. Of course, you should get the ofline version, with many many IA players, not only 10, 20, 30...

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12-07-2013, 05:09 PM
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So...i've been playing this game since the start and lately its been starting to wear on me. I'm on my fourth game and it has been growing increasing more difficult to find places to grow or remain profitable while having large passenger loads. Maybe perhaps my methodology for playing is more like AT2, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. I play the hub and spoke method, bc that is really what I see in the real world.

With update of the alliance feature, i seem starting to see people coming into my hub, setting up a route structure the same as mine, and trying to put me out of business. (Jokes on them, bc i will play to break even and low ball them to the ground. No fear) There is just not enough economy in Joberg right now (250/190) to justify 2 big companies. Almost half of my routes have more than one player on them and it just hinders any growth at all. I could sell planes and revert to a region or strict international, but I don't see it working that way. I still see people doing the point to point thing, which bothers me. And doing it with old crusty fuel hogging Russian planes for all things.

To the Developers: please reply to facebook messages. I understand that your busy, but i don't feel like we get to see what your planning to its in testing. The alliance thing is the biggest change i feel and its good to see that people asked and you gave, but there seems to be little answer to how the game is being played. E.g. Hub and spoke, crazy high value and plane counts. Additional, people have suggested more aircraft. We're missing the regional jets and turboprops that have made history and were seen during the early days which is when this game so happens to start.

Lastly to the Dev: I love this game and its near and dear to me, but I hate online (bc of how some people choose to cheat or play) and in the magnitude that this game plays. Could we see offline mode with AI/bots and smaller, or more personalized servers. I'd love to play with a smaller group, turn based, and maybe our small group could compete on a regional or global scale. I think that would be fun. With offline, it would help the people with jobs that might not be able to commit to the demands that this game requires.

12-10-2013, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by TheArcher View Post
Could we see offline mode with AI/bots and smaller, or more personalized servers. I'd love to play with a smaller group, turn based, and maybe our small group could compete on a regional or global scale. I think that would be fun. With offline, it would help the people with jobs that might not be able to commit to the demands that this game requires.

Yes, please!!!!
12-10-2013, 07:29 AM
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I saw some players got more routes than planes. How can that be possible?
Can someone explain it. Thanks
02-10-2014, 04:13 AM
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Alliances don't work


I have seen a number of posts about alliances and have to say that to me they seem to be killing the game which is a shame as the potential is there for a great addition.

I don't know how the algorithm works, but as soon as a codeshare is on a route you can not compete, it seems that it is doubling or tripling the capacity for the codeshare, it should be splitting the income over the codeshare... I have added a screenshot from my current game.

You can see that on this route there are 2 747-400F running, similar prices (3013 & 3000) similar occupance (16% & 19%), similar cargo carried (518 & 590) but the codeshare has at least 3 times the income ($769 v.s $2,407 & $1,375) - how can this be? Can someone give a detailed expanation of how the codehares work, or point me in the direction of an existing explanation as this is starting to kill my enjoyment of the game.

Of course I know that people will tell me to join an alliance, but I have consistently been in the top 10 (so can't join any which is a real pain) and in the past have wasted coins setting one up but being too slow to market.

essentially if you are in the T10 when the alliances start but don't start one that becomes big in the first year you are screwed, a real shame.

Thanks in advance for the feedback
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02-26-2014, 09:34 PM
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About price limit

Help me, I am suffering on my cargo route between me and another player. I was mono that route for 3/4 month, then someone want to code share it with me but I declined, then he open the same route with the lowest price set (0.3)to compete with me, now, I am running this route with a very low occupancy rate and if I cancel this route, he will reset the price to about (1.1)or so; if I came back to the route, he will have the price back to 0.3 again. terrible player!!
02-27-2014, 08:04 AM
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Air tycoon online crashes on startup,pls help
02-27-2014, 03:10 PM
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I am starting to get a bit peeved about the game.

I've been playing for a while now and there is absolutely no sense of rhythm to it. I have seen my passenger levels spiking so badly on the overall list, but when I look at the graphs for each different route... they are virtually flat.

On one of my routes, I am running a DC10-10 and a 747-100 and I am running at -2.7k at the worst time and -300k at the best. and there is only 2 of us running on the route.

There also seems to be some sort of hack out there as the last game I was in ended up with people over 1M k value and 1 guy only had about 25 planes.

It is getting that I am losing interest in the game with the way things are working atm...
09-13-2015, 05:09 AM
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Game Provments


I am TC_BE playing under TC_UK as Thomas Cook before 2009 playing at ranking 13, after 2009 16 and passenger ranking 4 at high season, 6 at low season (it's really frustrating this fluctuation)... crisis is nice, but those monthly fluctuations are a real nightmare, regardless of the WTI

1 Bussiness/Tourism:
- I use BRU as my main hub (96% of all flights are mine), having more passengers there then most other airports like LHR, AMS, NYC. In real life it means that BRU would have become a major world airport, yet my bussines/tourism levels are not changing in the airport. I think the game should take in account the usage of slots, passenger numbers and cargo in order to adjust the level of that airport. Bussiness/Tourism levels should not only see take in account real life, but also the in-game-play. When one airline starts using a smaller airport as a hub, this should reflect in its levels

- As it is my main hub, I depart to all major airports from BRU, but also using it as an arriving aiport for smaller european airports. (kind of CityHopper) Meaning simply that I bring in passengers to tranfser them on my international flights. This should reflect as well in occupancy as in real life a hubs works that way. Bringing in passengers from smaller destinations to the hub in order to transfer them onto international flights. The game therefor should take in account the arriving and departing passengers in order to define the bussiness/tourism levels (and maybe showing them somewhere)

2 Comparing
- I think most players (at least I would) would like to see a list of comparisons like: in use planes/countries served/boeing-airbus-.../destinations served..... Why ?

In use planes:
Like this you see which planes other airlines use, and also it's kind a nice to see how much of the 737/320 fleet in use, is yours

Countries served:
Having more or less countries in the network, can bring in passengers and occupancy
fe being number 1 serving USA, makes you the primary airline in occupancy for flights to USA
fe being number 1 in serving most countries from 1 hub makes you the most important hub in the world

Fleet age:
Having a younger fleet is good publicity, so it can help increase attendance.

3 As an airline flies from - to, it uses one airport as a departure airport and the other as an arriving airport. Which means the maintenance depot should be in the departing airport. Also airlines tend to have their hubs as mainly departing airports, so in my opinion competition should be also seen in the same direction. LHR-NYC is therefor not the same as NYC-LHR, which makes that we double the possible connections and making the game more interesting in order to find the best connections...

Anyone any thoughts on this ???

Kind regards