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App description: Overlord Ut has chosen YOU to lead a mission to a distant planet in a desperate attempt to borrow their mighty items. Grab as many as you can and hurry back! There is no time to waste.

Your peaceful homeworld of Nidbirt is under attack from the evil Joobdorts! The Orb of Buddernit is failing and cant protect the planet much longer. The Council of Orgnut has identified several items of extreme usefulness and terrifying power on the planet of Cube and it's up to you to retrieve them.

Turn the cube this way and that - search every nook and cranny! Unlock every side of the planet and "borrow" all the items you can before the timer runs out!


Requires Merge Cube
Unique AR Experience
Hold a Holographic World in Your Hand
6 Waves of Progressive Play
Endless Wave Mode
Mobile Mode and Merge Mode*

(*Merge Mode Available with Merge VR Goggles)

Only for Merge Cube.