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Karate Fighter review

10-17-2009, 02:57 PM
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Karate Fighter review

I'm doing a user review of Karate Fighter, a remake of the popular arcade game Kung Fu Master.

Overall.... I have to say this app leaves something to be desired. The basicness of the moves and enemies gives an overall bitter taste to this app. It has one mode, which is done by moving through different levels of a Dojo and fighting different types of martial arts enemies. The most basic ones walk up to you and attack by punching, and the more advanced ones are harder (such as move faster, throw weapons, etc). The control system is hard to get used to. You have six buttons on the left to move, and four attack buttons on the right. It's tricky to get used to, and aggravating for the first few minutes of play. The animation is extremely basic and honestly.. silly looking. The blood effects are extremely blocky and pixelated, and the enemies move like robots. All in all... this game will entertain you for about 10 minutes, and is a mediocre time waster at best. The graphics could stand to be improved and the music is a bit annoying. Perhaps I'm being a bit too hard on this game... but at $3 this is definitely not worth it. The highest I would go is $1. However, for any fan of the original arcade game, it is a good buy.

Karate Fighter, from Easy 8 Software, is available in the app store now for $2.99.


There is also a lite version availible for free:


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