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09-01-2015, 02:29 PM
Legionaire [sic] Elixir and Level 6 (Greater Legionaire) Enchantment

Okay, so I don't generally get Legionaire Elixirs. But just out of kicks, I did manage to get the Level 6 (Legendary) Enchantment.

Like the Chromatic Elixir and the Elixir of Wisdom, the Level 6 (Legendary) Enchantment is about 10%.

Here are what I've seen:

Level 5 (Legionaire) Enchantment: +1-3% critical chance, +10-58% critical damage
Level 6 (Greater Legionaire) Enchantment: +5% critical chance, +65% critical damage

Note this is less than the False Prince, the Mad Knight's passive (+8% critical chance, +200% critical damage).

However, if you wanted a truly strong offense hero, you could enchant False Prince, the Mad Knight with Legionnaire Elixir.

Level 5 (Chromatic Resistance) Enchantment: +4-9% resist all
Level 6 (Greater Chromatic Resistance) Enchantment: +11% resist all

Note this is less than Goldilocks, Master of Bears' passive (20% resist all) -- and is a bit buggy. The resist all for Chromatic doesn't apply to Dark opponents or bosses. It does apply for all other elements.

Some combination of Blocking and Resist all is necessary for higher levels.

Level 5 (Skill Up) Enchantment: Reduce cooldown by 1 turn
Level 6 (Greater Skill Up) Enchantment: Reduce cooldown by 2 turns

1 turn over 18-25 turns is highly negligible. It's just not worth it. However, reducing cooldown by 2 turns if your cooldown is already pretty low could be really interesting.
09-08-2015, 10:37 AM
So for the Mages, whose ability is to destroy gems of weakness, the maximum Active is 4 (not 5), or Cooldown=5 turns. With the Greater Skill Up, you would only lower that to 3. Not that great.

Destroying gems of weakness isn't that good of a skill anyway.

Additionally, the archmages only max out at level 50.

Verdict: you're better off spending experience and potions and your time working on other heroes.

09-13-2015, 08:01 PM
Rose Red

How do I get Rose red? Does she drop in a quest or is it from the random oracle draw?
09-14-2015, 01:03 PM
Rose Red is either 1) a rare draw or 2) upon the completion of the "Rose Red and the Seven Rubies" Fable, i.e., The Field of Thorns -- there is a random event.

Meaning, usually when you finish the Field of Thorns for the first time, you'll get offered to buy Rose Red for 20 Fable stones. Personally I think it's worth it -- Rose has the biggest critical percent in the game.

If you completed all the fables before this point and saved the Fable stone, and played about a month, you should have enough Fable stones to buy her.
09-17-2015, 05:21 PM
The next game from Fable Age's creators: Mavenfall

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in to thank you all for your love and support for Fable Age. We've just announced our next game, Mavenfall. You can learn more about it right here in the TA forums: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=271260

09-22-2015, 03:45 PM
couple more bugs this week...

The weekly announcement says Great Wicked Fairy -- but the weekly quest is actually Belle, Princess of Beauty.

The daily announcement says Chromatic Elixir but it's Legionaire Elixir.

I'm definitely winding down on this game -- have max'ed out 31 heroes out of 44 that I have and am in progress with 6. 3 of them (all the mages) are probably not worth leveling up as they max out at level 50.

I think it would be nice to get Fairy Godmother, Guinevere and Merlin, but that's about all the heroes I'd really like. I tried hard to ask Steve in offering my services for Fable stones and doing like 2-3 hours a week, but to no avail. So my prediction is: 6 months tops, I'll be headed to a new game.

A number of my heroes are already Active level 5 (including Phoenix Prince, Great Wicked Fairy, all the Savages)...
10-01-2015, 02:02 PM
Extended Mathematic Analysis (Rose Red, False Prince)

Just out of personal curiosity, I was looking at my team with and without both Rose Red (actually Rose Red, Lady of the Flame) and False Prince (False Prince, the Mad Knight).

So just for sake of argument, all of my characters do about 2000 damage. Fire characters at level 120 do a bit more, around 2500 for False Prince; just shy of 1900 for Rose Red. Midas does 2158 and Snow Queen does 1948. But just rounding, 2000 seems good. Assume also I'm using a Fire hero friend like Phoenix Prince or Merlin.

If I have no bonuses to critical percent and critical damage, the base is 6% critical percent with 200% bonus damage.

Expected damage base and ranges -
Nature 2240 (i.e., 94% normal damage of 2000, 6% triple damage) (range = 2000-6000)
Water 2240 (range = 2000-6000)
Fire 6720 (range = 2000-6000 x3)

Adding just Rose Red (+20% critical) jumps me 22% critical chance. Seems like a bug. (6% + 20% = 26%, not 22%)

Okay ... let's go with the 22% critical chance.
Expected damage with Rose Red, Lady of the Flame -
Nature 2880 (i.e., 78% normal damage of 2000, 22% triple damage) (range = 2000-6000)
Water 2880 (range = 2000-6000)
Fire 8640 (range = 2000-6000 x3)

Now let's add in the False Prince, the Mad Knight. That jumps me to 30% critical chance and +400% critical damage.
Expected damage with Rose Red and False Prince -
Nature 4400 (i.e., 70% normal damage of 2000, 30% quintuple damage) (range = 2000-10000)
Water 4400 (range = 2000-10000)
Fire 13200 (range = 2000-10000 x3)

This is kind of important for the heroic and godly difficulty elixirs and XP Tomes/Fableton Library quests. I think I need something like 10-11k damage in a strike (including chain bonuses) against the defenders in Heroic difficulty and 16k damage in a strike against defenders in Godly difficulty.

Toss in a Level 6 legendary enchant for Legionaire [sic] Elixir. Say an additional 5% critical and 65% damage:
Expected damage with Rose Red, False Prince enchanted with Legionaire Elixir -
Nature 5255 (i.e., 65% normal damage of 2000, 35% chance of 565% total damage) (range = 2000-10000)
Water 5255 (range = 2000-11300)
Fire 15765 (range = 2000-11300 x3)

1. Adding in just Rose Red and False Prince do increase your damage considerably (especially False Prince) -- calculated +28.6% with Rose Red, Lady of the Flame and +39% with just False Prince, the Mad Knight.

2. Adding both False Prince and Rose Red add for considerable damage (+96% expected damage and potential damage to go up to 5x normal damage).

3. Adding in a Level 6 Legionaire [sic] Elixir jumps up your expected value of damage quite a bit higher: +135% with a maximum range of up to 565% damage.

4. Of course, as mentioned before, if you can add in a Merlin, the All-Powerful Wizard, your damage grows geometrically faster the longer the chain.

For instance, if you took in a 11-gem chain with 3 of every normal (not burst) gem and 2 heart gems, expected elemental would have looked like:
Nature 5255 * 1.1 (3 gems, each at +5% beyond first) * 1.5 (11 gem chain, each gem beyond first adding 5%) = 8670; range = 3300-18645
Water 8670; range = 3300-18645
Fire 26010; range = 3300-18645 x3

If you add in Merlin,
Nature 5255 * 1.2 (3 gems, each at +10%) * 2 (11 gem chain, each gem adding 10%) = 12612; range = 4800-27120
Water 12612; range = 4800-27120
Fire 39836; range = 4800-27120 x3

I think this is why for godly difficulty, Rose Red, False Prince, and Merlin must be 3 of the 5 heroes.

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10-08-2015, 12:11 PM
Another terrible bug

Most of my friends aren't showing up when I go to quests. (That and I can't delete the first person I friended.)

Only have a choice of 3-4 friends is kind of silly. The game is trying really hard to get rid of me... and I might take the hint!
11-09-2015, 10:11 AM
Well, it looks like the end of Fable Age.

Yesterday, I could log in, but there was no News and trying to get into any quests crashed the app.

Today, I can't log in.