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Ok i'd like to start by saying i've been a huge fan ever since Battleheart and i think this game is a great addition. I do hope you plan to add classes/more storyline just like you did in Battleheart updates. I have a few ideas for classes i think would be great:


1. Pistol
2. Cutlass

Move Ideas:
1. Aimed Shot(shoots a direct shot with the pistol to a vital spot causing bleeding)

2. Rum Shot(roll a barrel of rum towards the opponent and then shoot it for explosive damage)

3. No Holds Barred(smash a beer bottle over the opponents head stunning them for 5 seconds)

4. No Survivors(pull out a blunderbuss for a powerful wide shot of birdshot)

5. Hand Grenade(light a greande and throw towards a group of enemies of your choosing)

6. Boarding Axe Boarding(Throw an axe at an opponent which will cause bleeding)

7. Rum Fire(Down a bottle of rum and then spit it out causing a massive amount of fire reminiscent of a dragon, same effect as the fire arrow)

8. Cannons Ahoy(With your signal a huge volley of cannonballs scour the field you can get hurt too, but the damage is massive)

-Puppetmaster/Robotmaster(Essentially working very much like Puppet Masters from the anime Naruto and the character will stay stationary and the puppet/robot will move)

1. Puppet/Robot
2. Puppet/Robot

Move Ideas:

1. Poison Shot(Shoots a bomb of poison which does damage over time)

2. Knife Throw(3 Knives are thrown one straight, and the other 2 45 degrees in both directions)

3. Place Swap(swap places with the puppet/robot)

4. Ultimate Defense(Hide underneath the Puppet/Robot for 5 seconds healing in the process)

5. Restore(Broken Puppet/Robot is revived with a partial boost in defense & attack)

6. 2nd set of tools(whenever your {uppet/Robot is broken you are given smoke bombs and a knife to defend yourself

7. Todays a Good Day to Die(you force your robot/puppet to explode for big AOE Damage

8. Added Defense(Robot/Puppet is given hefty defensive boost)
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